Top Freaky Questions To Ask: These Questions Will Surely Grab The Attention

Freaky Questions

Nowadays, people have become a lot more conservative than before. For instance, a silly little joke can cause a huge uproar, if they don’t take it lightly. The days of asking freaky questions have most certainly gone away. Despite that, it’s an undeniable fact that those types of questions can make our moods lighter.

Especially, if someone is not having a great day and you want to cheer them up, then it’s important to strike up a conversation first. Sometimes, all it takes is to just ask some silly questions. Yes, they may backfire at times, but that’s somewhat like a risk and reward thing.

If you are brave enough, then asking such questions may fetch you the grand result. So, there are lots of sexy and freaky questions that you can ask people. In fact, you may even ask to your girlfriend or boyfriend. It will provide you with a topic to strike up a conversation.

We often shy away from asking uncomfortable questions to our loved ones. However, it will only allow us to become closer to them than ever. It’s essential to know them intimately and asking such types of questions will only make it easier.

So, if you are someone who’s not shy enough to ask dirty questions that may brand you as a freak, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the best freaky questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend. So, now’s the time to go through this article and get a list of all those questions to ask.

Here Are The Freaky Questions That Will Take You Some Courage To Ask

We just mentioned that there are risk and reward things while asking those questions. Moreover, if you want to show your adventurous side, then you may go freaky. Your partner will surely like that side of you. In fact, it may lead to some wonderful moments between you two. So, now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best questions that will make the mood freaky.

  • Where’s the strangest place that you’ve ever had sex?

Asking such a question right off the bat may seem a bit weird, but it’s a question that you can ask. In fact, it means that you are quite comfortable with your partner and it will show that you like to become a bit adventurous.

  • Have you ever taken the pro services of a pro-woman? 

So, this is one of those freaky questions that can go in the wrong way if you don’t know how to ask. In other words, you have to set the right mood to ask this question. Of course, asking these types of questions will dismantle the boundaries. In addition, if your partner answers honestly, then it’ll surely do wonders to a relationship.

  • What’s your wildest fantasy?

Well, you may ask this question after telling yours, just so that your partner doesn’t feel uncomfortable. This is a question that a lot of people ask each other, especially when they want to become intimate. So, if you are in the mood for that, then go ahead and ask this.

  • What’s the ultimate role-play kink for you?

If you trust your partner, then you can go ahead and ask this freaky question. It will let you know your partner better as well.

  • What’s your favorite position?

There’s no need for any explanation for this question.


At the end of the day, asking these freaky questions will allow you to know your partner better. So, that’s why you can ask these types of questions and also answer them yourself if you want to.

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