Find the One and Only Pony On Acid E-Liquid at Smax Online

Pony On Acid E-Liquid

Some people may not have heard about the Pony On Acid E-Liquid at Smax’s website, but a lot of folks have been trying it for the first time and loving it. It’s easy to see why.

Pony on Acid E-Liquid is only available at Smax

There are a lot of E-Liquid manufacturers on the internet today. Sometimes it can be hard to separate the good from the not-so-good. But Smax makes it easy for customers to find the best E-Liquid in America and it’s on their website at One of the most popular flavours on the website is the Pony on Acid E-Liquid. It’s easy to see why it is so popular with so many vapers.

Everything to Love, Nothing to Hate

What makes Smax’s Pony on Acid E-Liquid so popular is the magical blend of fruits which flavour the amazing taste. Strawberries, Raspberries, and Pineapple come together in a rich, satisfying taste your tastebuds will thank you for. Fresh, clean fruit flavours that skip across the tongue and provide a deep, rich vapour which is smooth and satisfying. Nobody can resist the clean, palate-cleansing fruitiness when they want a flavour that can bring happiness and cheer to their day.

With or Without Nicotine

One of the great features of purchasing Pony on Acid E-Liquid from Smax is the customer has a choice of Nicotine levels to be included in their product. A lot of folks have turned to vape as a means to escape the harsh and often health compromising presence of Nicotine in cigarettes. Smax makes it easier for many cigarette users to get away from Nicotine by slowing reducing the amount of Nicotine they are ingesting. Smax makes it possible to purchase E-Liquids with one of three levels of Nicotine in their E-Liquid. Customers can select 6mg of Nicotine, 3mg, or 0mg in their order of Pony on Acid E-Liquid or any E-liquid they purchase from Smax.

Sizes That Save Money

The folks at Smax offer all their E-Liquids in three different amounts for customers to purchase on the website. The first amount of E-Liquid that can be purchased is 60ml which is delivered in two 30ml Medical grade Super Tubes which are available for $19.99. The second purchase amount of E-Liquid is the 100ml Super Tube which provides an additional 40ml of E-Liquid at a price of only $25.99. So for only $6.00 more, you get 40ml of additional product. That’s a great deal. And finally, for those who want to have a little more of their favourite flavour, there’s the 120ml choice (four 30ml Super Tubes) which sells for only $34.99. Take a look around and you’ll quickly learn there’s no better deal for this high-quality E-Liquid on the internet.

Even More, Value When Purchasing From Smax

Customers are always happy to learn their orders over $30 have Free Shipping. That means there is no need to run around town and try all kinds of flavours at retail prices. The prices at Smax just can’t be beaten. There is a Rewards section on the website for returning customers to get even more discounts and customers can sign up to receive emails on specials and discounts available online.

Customer Support That Shines

The customer support at Smax E-Liquid is a great value also. When customers have a question or want additional information on their E-Liquid flavour choices, they can contact Smax with a click or a call. Customers can go to the contact page on the website and submit their inquiry or they can call 408-896-8972 from 11 am to 6 pm Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday. Even if a customer just wants to make a comment or give their opinion about a product, they are encouraged to contact the company to let them know how they’re doing.

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