Is a Degree In Psychology Right for You?: 8 Signs the Answer Is Yes!

Degree in Psychology

Are you asking yourself, should I study psychology?

Psychology is a rewarding career for those who are deeply interested in people and what makes them tick. Do you find yourself listening to your friend’s problems? More than that, do you often know what to say that helps them in their situation? Maybe you have tons of patience and feel passionate about being useful to people. 

A degree in psychology opens doors for you to work with people from all walks of life. You’ll get to make a difference in a real, tangible way that can have a positive knock-on effect for generations to come.

If you’d like to know whether studying psychology is right for you, see if you identify with these eight characteristics of a psychologist.  

1. You Notice When People Are Going Through Tough Times and You Want to Be There for Them

You might find it surprising that not everybody notices when their friends are having a rough time. A psychologist is by nature more aware of what’s going on in the people around them than regular folk. Psychologists are perceptive enough to read the undercurrents of a situation and know what’s really going on. 

Even if someone is aware that their friend is going through troubles, they might avoid getting involved. A born psychologist has innate confidence that they’d be able to make a difference and they don’t shy away from other people’s challenges.

2. Friends Tell You That You’re a Good Listener

Do the people around you often tell you their problems? Are you regularly complimented on the fact that you’re a good listener? You have the potential to be a great psychologist.

Psychologists know how to listen. They are patient and are able to truly pay attention to what is being said. He also have an uncanny ability to hear more than what the speaker is putting into words. That are able to weed out what is important from what isn’t and will keep clear notes to remind themselves of the important nuances of each case. 

3. You View Life With an Open Mind and Don’t Judge

Psychologists are unshockable. It doesn’t matter what kind of thing you reveal about yourself, a psychologist will take it in their stride and figure out how to help. They know that there’s a reason behind all behavior and will seek to grow in understanding and provide help.

If you have an open mindset and aren’t rigidly judgmental, if you seek to understand first before drawing conclusions, a degree in psychology could be the perfect fit for you. You can consider doing an online degree in psychology. If getting your qualification online appeals to you, click for more information.

4. You Are Fascinated by What Makes People Tick and How Their Minds Work 

Natural psychologists are equally fascinated by what goes on in the mind of a hardened criminal, and why their diligent friend is suddenly having trouble focussing on studies.

They love nothing more than burying themselves in case studies and research papers that get to grips with all the fractured nuances of the average human mind. They can often be found people-watching and are seldom bored as long as there is someone close by that they can analyze.   

5. You Communicate Well With Others and Are Confident in Your Abilities to Help

You’ve always had a way with words. You seem to know just what to say to make someone think differently about their situation. You have quiet confidence in your ability to make things better for those who are struggling.

A natural ability to unlock concepts using words is a huge bonus for a psychologist. If those around you comment on how well you explain difficult ideas or how clearly you can put across your opinion, you should consider a career in psychology.

6. You Can Adapt What You Know to Different People’s Problems and Needs

Your agile mind takes great delight in taking the knowledge you have and sifting through it to find out how to apply it to specific situations. You easily draw from different pools of know-how to tailor solutions that uniquely fit individual issues. 

You’re not easily put off by situations that seem impossible but will keep examining the issue from different angles until a solution comes to light.

7. Keeping Secrets Comes Naturally to You

Confidentiality is a baseline trait of those who want to practice psychology. For your patients to feel comfortable with you, they need to know that they can tell you anything. They also need to know that what they tell you won’t be told to anyone else.  

If your natural inclination is to protect people’s privacy and not breathe a word of what has been said to you in confidence, you’ve got the natural inclination towards psychology.

8. You Love People and Enjoy Helping Them

We have a genuine love for people in general. You are able to see the potential for good in people, even when life has them bent out of shape. Nothing thrills you more than being able to equip people with tools that will help them improve the quality of their lives. You are able to celebrate each small positive step as a victory in its own right.

The Benefits of Studying Psychology

Studying psychology will not only deepen your understanding of how the human mind works but will also equip you with tools to help people break free from their destructive habits and thought patterns.

You’ll broaden your knowledge of disorders, compulsions, and other things that torment the human race. You’ll also learn to understand why things break inside of people’s minds and psyches, and how to go about bringing relief.  

Studying psychology will give you a real opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. It will also help you gain a deeper understanding of the people in your life – friends, family, and acquaintances. 

Consider Getting a Degree in Psychology

If you recognized yourself in the eight points above, you should strongly consider getting a degree in psychology. You will find helping people to be deeply satisfying. As a psychology major you’ll be equipped with all the tools and understanding you’ll need to make a difference in the lives of people.

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