Some Riveting Facts On Jennifer Pfautch, The Wife Of Omari Hardwick

Jennifer Pfautch

Jennifer Pfautch is very popular as the wife of the actor Omari Hardwick. The sources tell that they have an unwavering relationship. After sharing a long time relationship with her, the actor tied knots to elevate their relationship. In fact, it’s also worth sharing that Jennifer helped Omari in his struggling years until he rose to become one of the special actors of Hollywood. 

So, we can say that Jennifer Pfautch is a very loving wife and also a doting mother. In addition, she is also a professional who runs a website. For instance, she has gained a great fan following with her presence on social media platforms like her website.

However, it’s also true that Omari and Jennifer’s lives are not free from controversies. A lot of people even resent Jennifer for being her choice of Omari. Despite that, they share an unwavering marital life. 

So, if you want to know about her, then this is the article that you should go through. Here, we will share some interesting details about the wife of Omari Hardwick. So, if you wish to get those facts, then now’s the time to go through this article and find all those facts. 

Biography Of Jennifer

According to the sources, Jennifer is from Loius Missouri. Currently, she is 39 years old and people also call her Jae Hardwick. So, she doesn’t like to share many details about her life but there are a few facts that we must share. 

For instance, she went to California Lutheran University from 2002 to 2004. Thereafter, she took the assistant position at Creative Artists Agency. From there on, she has built a career as a publicist and worked for Paradigm Talent Agency for some time. 

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that she’s quite popular on social media pages. Especially, on her Instagram page, she has 129,000 followers. She’s a doting mother, a loving wife, and also a person who values family life, social justice, and also Christian faith. 

As for her nationality, she is an American woman. Moreover, she also attends a local private school for her early education. However, she came to the limelight after marrying Omari. 

Her Love For The Humanity

It’s worth noting that Jennifer Pfautch is a philanthropist in nature who values social justice. For instance, she said, “I’m passionate about people…I like to remind other humans how powerful they really are, how much capacity they have in them to create, accomplish and thrive.”

The Marriage With Omari

From a 2019’s Instagram post, we can say that Jennifer Pfautch tied the knots with Omari Hardwick back in 2012, in May. There’s no update on how the duo met each other but they are madly in love. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, they seem to have an unwavering affection for each other. They have stood their ground from the start of their marriage till now. 

During their marital life, they become also faced lots of criticisms. It has to do with Jennifer Pfautch because she is a white person. To elaborate, she faced lots of criticisms from the black community for marrying Omari as a white woman. 

Answer To The Haters: A Doting Husband & Loving Wife

As we said earlier, despite all the troubles, the couple supported each other. Yes, it’s true that Jennifer Pfautch had one miscarriage in the process as well. Despite all of that, they answered the criticisms.

One of the reasons why Jennifer Pfautch is in favor of social justice is the fact that she herself had been a target. The constant racial abuse from the fans of Omari did hurt her. However, the couple did not let any of that negativity hamper their lovely life. They just posted their pictures, like they always do.