Why Rum is Good for Health in Winter: Five Benefits of Dark Rum

Rum is Good for Health in Winter

If you are an alcoholic drinker, I’m sure during summers you enjoy a chilled beer or other drinks with ice but in winter you need a drink that can keep you warm and add taste to your mouth even in cold weather.

Although you can sip popular drinks like vodka, whisky and other drinks in winters too, but you don’t know the health benefits of dark rum in winters. Here we will tell you why rum is good for health.

What is Dark Rum & How it is different from White Rum?

Any type of rum that looks dark brown usually occurs due to ageing or the addition of molasses or caramel colouring. While on the other hand, the white rum requires a shorter amount of time to age than the time taken dark and many of the dark rum is made white or flavoured using the purifying process.

5 Health Benefits of Dark Rum

health benefits of drinking dark rum

#1 Keeps Your Body Warm

Do you know most people enjoy rum in winters? Just because of its properties that keep you warm from inside. A small quantity of black rum can make you feel warm even in cold temperatures. Although, white rum also have the same properties black or dark rum keeps you really warm.

#2 Cures the Cough & Cold

Common colds and sore throats are very common during the winter season. And dark rum works best here to cure your coughing and cold problems. This alcoholic drink has antimicrobial properties and one or two spoons of rum kill such bacteria and can easily cure your cough giving you relief from sore throat.

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#3 Antioxidants Helps Muscle Pain

Rum makes your blood thinner and increases the bone mineral in the body that helps in getting relief from various types of muscular pains. The various pain that usually occurs in the muscles is also known as intermittent claudication also happens when you accidentally twist or stretch your body a lot.

#4 Reduce Stress & Mental Illness

Though most alcoholic drinks give you temporary relief from the stress. But consuming dark rum helps in reducing mental illness and stress with the long-term effects. Rum helps in preventing the brain related to various old-age diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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#5 Prevent Cancer & Heart Disease

As per the research and studies, people who drink rum moderately have a 38% lower risk of kidney cancer compared to those who did not drink Rum. And we have already told you that Rum makes your blood thinner and helps the heart to work healthier and keep away from heart-related problems.

Disclaimer: This article doesn’t encourage you to start consuming alcoholic drinks, it is just a kind of information gathered from various sources to keep readers informed about such things in their life.