Five Sports Celebrities Who Have Invested Their Money Back

Sports Celebrities

Being a sports person can be a very short career. With a lot of hard graft and dedication going into building your career it can be over within a flash. As well as trying to prove yourself to be the best on the court, field or table there is always room to improve your earnings. Players now have specialised bank managers or finance advisors to tell them how to look after their money and potentially invest their money in to other things outside of sport.

Many sports people like to keep themselves involved in the game so they look at bookmakers, which have the best betting sign up offers, or they may look to invest in technology that is coming through in their respected sport. 

So which Sports Celebrities have decided to invest money into other business ventures to make some more money?

1. David Beckham

The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and England midfielder is one of the most recognisable men in world football. He pioneered the way for footballers to be interested in things outside of football and build themselves as a brand. Beckham has been known in the past to have put his name onto a lot of products and build up his revenue tenfold. He has been involved with fragrances and clothing brands with Marks & Spencer, H&M and his own fashion brand Kent & Curwen.

However, clothes is not just Beckham’s forte as he is the co-owner of two football clubs. He is co-owner alongside his former Manchester United teammates as well as the co-owner of Miami FC following his spell in the MLS with LA Galaxy. 

2. Shaquille O’Neal

You would be here for days hearing all the different ventures that Shaq has invested in. The former LA Lakers centre has his fingers in an awful lot of pies. Shaq certainly believes in people and he wants to use the money he earned playing to give other people an opportunity but also make some money for himself.

Shaq has not been pigeon holed with one thing to invest in as he owns fast food chains, including owning 155 Five Guys restaurants at one time but he ended up selling them. He also invested in Google in 2004 and his only regret was that he did not invest more money into it as he saw the potential in Silicon Valley. Shaq also has a minority ownership of the basketball side the Sacramento Kings.

He has also invested in Lyft, Ring and Vitaminwater. All household names and all making money. 

3. Robbie Fowler

The former Liverpool and England striker is affectionately nicknamed “God” in Liverpool. That is not just because of his 183 goals for the club but because he owns an awful lot of the city. Fowler saw early, seven years early in fact, that he would need to invest money to keep up with his football wage. Fowler saw that in property.

The Liverpudlian is reportedly worth £31 million after his playing days were over. Instead of looking at high end investments, Fowler bought property at the lower end and founded his business there. His property firm is very popular and he even has a property academy that offers advice to people.

4. Serena Williams

The tennis star with the most grand slams in tennis history and arguable the greatest player of the sport. Serena Williams in 2014 started up her own company, Serena Ventures. The company aims to give opportunities to founders who embrace diverse leadership across a range of industries.

However, her entrepreneurial eye has not ended there. She has invested in Mayvenn, an online marketplace for hair extensions, and a US based company called Propel, a Brooklyn startup that digitizes food stamps. She has even looked to the cryptocurrency world and invested in Bitcoin rewards company Lolli.

Williams, like Beckham, has her own clothing range and her own fragrance body sprays. 

5. Michael Jordan 

The man himself. He was and still is the most recognisable icon in the sporting world. His famous brand is noticed immediately and has taken over the industry. Jordan, after dominating the basketball world, is now worth $2.1 billion. He may have had the best sporting career in basketball alongside advertising campaigns but Jordan has invested his money wisely and created a brand like no other.

Working with Nike, Jordan has his own range of shoes and they are must haves for people around the globe. The Michael Jordan brand was worth $3 billion and Jordan himself has made $130 million from the brand…just last year! 

With all that spare income, Jordan is shrewd with his investment and does not waste his money; unless his pitching pennies with John Michael Wozniak. Companies have benefited from Jordan’s investment like Sportradar, a Switzerland-based sports data provider, headphone brand Muzik, Gigster, a San Francisco-based marketplace for freelance tech talent, and aXiomatic.