Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler Post Split Appearance is a Mood

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler
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Vanessa Hudgens Austin Butler recently made her first public appearance since rumours of her split from her long-term boyfriend began circulating. Furthermore, she attended the “Bad Boys for Life” premiere. Her outfit and demeanour were described as “a total mood.” Let us discuss the split and bounce back below. 

Positively Glowing

Vanessa Hudgens was seen wearing a colourful, retro-inspired dress with a matching headband and bold makeup. Moreover, she appeared to be enjoying herself and posing confidently for photographers. She is starring in the new Bad Boys movie with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. But she didn’t address the rumours about her breakup with Austin Butler at the movie premiere.

Sources have confirmed that Vanessa and Austin have broken up and she has been telling her friends about it. But at the premiere, Vanessa was having too much fun to focus on the rumours. Moreover, her happy demeanour is clear from the photos. And they show that she was enjoying herself and not letting the rumours get her down.

Positively Glowing
Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

Moving on in Life

Despite the recent rumours about her personal life, Vanessa Hudgens seemed to be in good spirits at the event. Furthermore, she was spotted chatting with friends and even sharing a friendly embrace with her ex-boyfriend, Josh Hutcherson. Now that is quite something. You don’t simply roll up to your ex and embrace them unless you have moved way beyond the trauma. 

People on Twitter loved Vanessa Hudgens’ vibe at the premiere. One person made a joke about her breakup song from High School Musical 2, while another said she looked amazing and wasn’t upset about the rumours. 

Moving on in Life
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Maturity and Grace

This is precisely the kind of energy we are talking about. Not letting anything drag them down. We know how bad a separation can be, and we love it that Vanessa doesn’t take it seriously. Fans started thinking that Butler and Hudgens had broken up when they saw that she had posted many photos on Instagram during holidays and vacations, but he wasn’t in them. 

They haven’t said anything about the breakup, but Hudgens looks happy and unbothered, no matter what the situation is. Moreover, that is why we are simply loving her energy this time. All the more power to her. 

Maturity and Grace
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Happy Fans

Fans of Vanessa Hudgens loved seeing her happy and confident, even in the midst of rumours and speculation. Many took to social media to express their admiration for her style and resilience. She definitely looked gorgeous in her white outfit. Gorgeous and confident, exactly how a person should be. 

Butler and Hudgens began dating in 2011. In 2018, Vanessa talked about their relationship and how they respect and admire each other. Moreover, she said that he inspires her and that she feels strong as an independent woman. They are best friends and share their ups and downs together.


In the past, Vanessa Hudgens has been open about her struggles with anxiety and self-doubt. However, her recent appearance at the “Bad Boys for Life” premiere showed a different side of her – one that was confident, carefree, and unbothered by the rumours surrounding her personal life.

In the end, Vanessa Hudgens is an inspiration to her fans. Furthermore, she showed that it is possible to remain confident and positive even in the face of adversity. Her colourful outfit and upbeat demeanour served as a reminder to embrace individuality and find joy in the present moment.


1. When did the Vanessa Hudgens Austin Butler split happen?

The split happened in 2020. 

2. Did Vanessa and Austin get back together?

No they broke up permanently and have no plans of getting back. 

3. Who did Austin Butler date after Vanessa?

He is currently dating Kaia Gerber.

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