What Is Rotten Tomatoes & How Something Can Be Certified On Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes
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Nowadays, whenever you search for a film’s review, you will come across the term Rotten Tomatoes. So, what is that in the first place? Actually, it’s a site that is quite popular as a movie review site on the internet. Since its inception in 1998, this site has provided a platform for pros as well as amateur critics so that they can offer their opinions of a film they have seen recently or from the past. 

In other words, a reviewer can provide their honest opinion of a film’s quality rating. Therefore, we can say that this site is quite handy for those who love to watch films. It’s because they could just search for the review and find out whether a film is worth watching or not. 

So, if you want to know more about this website and how it works in the first place, then you are in the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at everything about this film review site. So, dig into this article and find out everything that you need to know. 

What Does Rotten Tomatoes Mean?

What Does Rotten Tomatoes Mean?
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Well, no we are not talking about literal rotten tomatoes, but about the site that offers you a platform to provide your honest opinion about a film. It works with a rating system where you can rate a film that you have watched. Generally, professional and amateur critics alike use this platform and review films. 

This site uses a system it offers an average of all the reviews for a given piece of media. One can describe this company the best as a Metacritic of media/film reviews. Moreover, there’s also a plus point, – they also offer their own reviews and score out of 100%. 

How Does Rotten Tomatoes Work?

Now that we know about Rotten Tomatoes, it’s time to check out how this website actually works. Well, there are a few factors that go into determining the site’s efficiency, or Tomatometer, as we call it. 

First of all, one needs to show whether or not the critics have liked a film, and if they did like it, how many of them have given it a thumbs up. So, the sources tell us, if 60% of critics liked a media, then it will have a positive rating on this platform. On the other hand, anything less than 60 percent means that the film has a negative rating. 

Furthermore, normal or regular people can also post their reviews or honest opinion. This website is basically a review aggregator and it collects reviews from different critics. Thereafter, this site assigns them an average score. 

Once the site does that, it also uses the same data to calculate the film’s audience rating as well. For instance, if you search the batman rotten tomatoes, then you will see that the score is 85%, which is excellent. So, now that we know about the site, let’s take a look at the ratings for some of the most popular films as of late.

Eternals Rotten Tomatoes
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Eternals Rotten Tomatoes

If you watched the film Eternals, then you may like to know its score on this website. As per the sources, RT, this film scores only 47%, which is less than 60%. In other words, it’s a negative review. Moreover, it also scores 3.5/5 on the site.

Morbius Rotten Tomatoes

Unfortunately, Morbius has only scored 15% on the site, which is quite a poor number for a film. 

Dune Rotten Tomatoes

Released on 22nd Oct 2021, this film has scored quite well on the site. The sources tell us that Dune has an 83% rating and 4 stars on this platform. 

Dune Rotten Tomatoes
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Those Who Wish Me Dead Rotten Tomatoes

If you liked this film, then you may also like to know that this film scores a 62% on rotten tomatoes. Well, it’s a pretty good number and shows that the critics and audience liked it.

How Can Something Be Certified On Rotten Tomatoes?

Did you know that a few movies or TV shows on Rotten tomatoes can get a ‘certified’ status? Well, in order to qualify for that, the film has to meet a few requirements. For instance, it has to have a consistent Tomatometer score of 75% or more. In addition, it should also get at least five reviews from the top critics, and then it should also have a minimum of 40 reviews. Moreover, the film in the wide release should also get at least 80 reviews. 

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