How to Stretch a Hat?

How to Stretch a Hat

Learning how to Stretch a hat may give you a smooth look. Hat stretching keeps the hat like in new shape. It is the wrong perception among the people that hat is only for some special persons who are physically fit and good looking. A hat with correct shape and size can give a stylish look to anyone who wears. A hat should be worn carefully because if worn grudgingly then it will make you feel isolated in the crowd. Resizing and stretching the hat became necessary.

What is the hat stretcher?

A hat stretcher is a functional tool. This tool helps you to maintain the size of your hat. It can support different type of hats. Using this tool with steam can increase the quality of your hat along with shape and size.

Following are some important tips and tricks which will help you to learn hat stretching skill in a smart way.

How you can stretch a baseball cap?

However, you do not need to stretch your baseball cap. All you need to just wear it all the time and let nature do its work to fit the cap for your brain canister. But, if you are impatient then you can use the hat stretcher to resize the baseball cap. Moreover, you can also remove the stickers, labels, and tags from the hat.

Spritz the hat with water spray

Spritz the water inside of the hat, outside of the hat and inside band of your hat. You do not need to spray the water on the hat brim.

Wear your cap during shower

If you are wearing wool or cotton caps then wear these caps during shower and wear it until its dry. This will fix up the shape issue of the hat.

Steam the cap with kettle

Hold the hat from the brim and steam the inside band of the hat from 30 sec to 1 minute. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times with 30-sec gaps in between. This process will mould the size and shape of the hat according to the size of your head.

Moulding the hat with a soccer ball

Apart from playing with the soccer ball, it can also play the role of hat stretcher. This technique uses on the dry cap but if you want bigger stretch then you should first follow the streaming process. In this process, you require a football with little air inside it then put it inside the cap. After that, pump the air until the football starts stretching the cap. Do it, until you find the ideal size of your hat.

Use hat stretcher

If you want more changes in the shape and size of your hat then you should consider buying the hat stretcher. It is similar to a shoe stretcher. Its adjustable wood gear act like a jack inside the hat. It can stretch up to 1 or 2 hat size. This tool is suitable for all type of hats. To expand the size of your hat, put this gear inside your hat and adjust the size of your hat. However, a good quality hat stretcher can make a difference as compared to poor quality.

Stretch the cap with the help of your knee

First, you need to give steam to your hat. After that, bend your knee and put the inside area of the cap on your knee. After putting the cap over the knee, slightly pull the cap from the brim toward yourself. Do it until you find that the size of your hat has been increased.

Pulling the hat from two different sides

This step is easy as well as a danger if you try harder then necessary. All you need to pull the hat from different sides. You will feel that the size of the hat has been increased after pulling for a few times.


Among all the above options, a hat stretcher can be a game changer for resizing and shaping the hat. Because it’s fully adjustable with solid wood. It will give you good experience with your hats. So what you are waiting for? Don’t miss this chance and grab your hat stretching tool now!!!