The Main Types of Perfume: A Complete Guide

Types of Perfume

Are you hoping to find a perfume scent that you love? Learning more about perfume scents can help you better understand what the best perfume option is for you. 

Everyone has scents that appeal to them and others that don’t. To learn more about the main scents you will find when buying perfume, keep reading. Figure out what scents you love to make shopping for a perfume that best fits you a total breeze. 


One of the most popular scents you will find in perfumes is floral notes. These floral scents give off a feminine and flirty feel, perfect for a romantic scent on a date night. These scents can also range in intensity – while some perfumes are full-on bold floral influences, others will have subtle sweet floral scents. 

Some perfumes combine floral and fruity elements for a scent that is playful and light. For example, when combining florals like a rose with citrus and sandalwood, you have a light and summer scent that evokes a day at the beach. Jasmine, violets, and lavender are also often used in floral forward perfume scents. 

When buying floral perfumes, it’s best to look for options that are light, delicate, and fresh rather than overly flowery so that you select a scent that you can wear daily. 

Smokey and Spicey 

Often, smokey scents are used in perfumes and colognes for a sultry, outdoorsy, or masculine touch. Oftentimes, this natural and smokey scent is crafted using natural elements such as redwood leaves, sandalwood, and tobacco. These scents can be balanced out with scents like chamomile to make for a fresh yet smokey sensation.

Also, smokey scents can be tamed with creamy scents such as vanilla for a warm and inviting vibe. Scents of leather, cedarwood, mahogany, and cardamom can all be paired with violets and irises for a natural scent that is as woody as it is flowery. Additionally, these warm scents can also come off as spicy when paired with certain ingredients such as pepper and incense. 

These scents compliment each other quite nicely and make for unique perfume scents that are mysterious, sultry, and inviting. 


Citrus scents are great for those who want a light, bright, clean, and an airy perfume scent. Typically, fruity smells such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot are used for everyday perfumes and can often be paired with delicate floral scents for a feminine and flirty feel. Citrus can also pair nicely with smokey scents such as mahogany for a more masculine scent. 

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Types of Perfume: Be an Informed Shopper 

Perfumes use tons of different scents, ingredients, and inspirations to create an experience for those who wear them. To find the best scent for you, keep this guide on the main types of perfume scents in mind to shop with care. 

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