Rocky Johnson’s First Wife Una Johnson – Get All The Facts Here

Rocky Johnson
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The legendary WWE champion Rocky Johnson (1944 – 2020), father of Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson, had written his autobiography called ‘Soulman’. In it, he has mentioned some untold stories of his life and about his first wife, Una Johnson.

Quick Wikis – Biography

Personal Info ✔
✔ Name ☛ Rocky Johnson
✔ Profession(s)
☛ Canadian professional wrestler
✔ Birthday ☛ August 24, 1944
✔ Died ☛ January 15, 2020, Lutz, FL
✔ Gender ☛ Male
✔ Birthplace ☛ Amherst Canada
✔ Nationality ☛ American
✔ Famous as ☛ Daughter of Legendary Actor Tom Hanks
✔ Height ☛ 6′ 2″
✔ Zodiac Sign ☛ Virgo
✔ Net Worth ☛ $280 million USD (As of 2021)
Family (Children & Siblings) ✔
✔ Parents ☛ James Henry Bowles, Lillian Bowles
✔ Children Dwayne Johnson, Curtis Bowles, Wanda Bowles
Relationships & Kids ✔
✔ Marital Status ☛ Married
✔ Spouse/Wife ☛Dana Martin (m. 2004–2020), Ata Johnson (m. 1978–2003), Una Johnson (m. 1966–1978)

The details of her life were shrouded in mystery for a long time. But with the publication of the late star’s autobio ‘Soulman’, those mysteries are finally unraveled. 

So let’s take a look at some of the facts of her life.

Una Johnson and her relationship with Rocky Johnson

As we mentioned before, she was the first wife of the legendary WWE star Rocky Johnson. 

During the beginning of Rocky’s career, Una had seen him through thick and thin. But, the distance between them grew more and more because of Rocky’s profession, as he had to always travel around. 

Soon after, Johnson built up a relationship with Ata Johnson, while he was married to Una. The readers might be interested to know that Ata Johnson is the mother of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

How the duo first met

It’s really interesting how they met. Back when Rocky Johnson was in Toronto, he met Una sparks at a dance party. 

Una Johnson is from Cherrybrook, Nova Scotia, an African-Canadian community about 14 to 15 miles from Halifax. She had moved to Toronto to be with her family members.

Guess how luck would have it. One night, while Rocky Johnson was in his training period, he went to the same dance party as Una did. The two of them shared a mutual affection for each other. It was possibly love at first sight. And guess what? By the end of the night, Rocky managed to get Una’s numbers. Soon after that, they began their romantic journey. 

Let’s take a look at how they got married soon after their brief time spent together

While he was in Toronto, Rocky felt quite lonely. But all of that gloom and doom changed after he met Una. After six months of dating, they decided to take their relationship to the next level. Therefore they decided to give their relationship an official status and got married.

However, that blissful period soon ended after 12 years because of a certain reason. It was a clash against beliefs, some might say. 

The ultimate reason behind cutting the ties of marriage

As we said earlier, it was a clash of beliefs. Una Johnson was a devoted Jehova’s witness. Hence her religious beliefs restricted her against sports, related to blood and fury. Una didn’t approve of Rocky’s profession of WWE. After Rocky had come back from Calgary, Una Johnson offered him an ultimatum. She asked him to choose either her or the sport.

However, Jehovah’s witness allows divorce in extreme situations like physical abuse, nonsupport, or if the spouse is trying to force the witness to break god’s commencements. Hence, none of these reasons were close to their actual reason for divorce. 

Moreover, the divorce was finalized on December 18, 1978. During that time Rocky was in Florida, living with Ata johnson and his son Dwyane johnson. He married Ata three days after the divorce was finalized. 

Ending note:  

We don’t know if Una ever knew about Rocky’s relationship with Ata and his son Dwyane. Though the couple shared some blissful moments, they didn’t last long enough. However, the way Rocky described his relationship with Una, we can safely assume that they were happy to have each other during the first phase of their lives. 

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