9 Most Useful Google Chrome Browser Plugins

Google Chrome Browser Plugins

Just a few years ago you had to download games, programs, and helpful tools to make your PC experience better. But today you can play Online Virtual Sports in any browser and get plugins there. Here are 9 best of them.

Mate Translate

The best of all translators available for Google Chrome. The Google browser already has a proprietary service for translating pages and individual words, but against the background of Mate Translate it looks rather boring and weak. 

Mate Translate can translate entire pages into several languages, shows dictionary definitions for individual words (regardless of the language), and also offers a built-in control panel interface to translate phrases or words that are not on the page at all. 

Words and sentences you find can be saved in a list of favorites for studying. All finds are synchronized with the Mate Translate mobile app, if installed on your smartphone or tablet.

HTTPS Everywhere

A collaboration between the creators of the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation consortium. 

This extension forces each site to communicate with the user only through the HTTPS protocol. The plugin will prompt for an encrypted connection wherever it is available. Otherwise, it will warn of a possible threat when clicking on a link that does not support the current security standard.

Print Friendly 

An extension for those who want to save paper and ink in their printer. It automatically converts printed pages into a more convenient format without unnecessary visual blocks, ads and other useless garbage that takes up color ink. 

If you frequently print websites, this is an indispensable thing for you personally and for the planet as a whole. Print Friendly tries to reduce the number of blocks on the site so that in the end you only have to print text without buttons and all sorts of control panels. 

Earth View

A rather useless but popular extension for Google Chrome. Earth View is a plugin that replaces a new tab in your browser with a beautiful photo of our planet taken from a satellite. The extension works in tandem with the Google Earth service, so it regularly displays high-quality images of the Earth’s surface. No practical use, but a sea of aesthetic pleasure.


Shortened links are, of course, handy. You can hide a huge link consisting of several hundreds of characters behind a compact and easy-to-read URL. But they have one important drawback: it is impossible to determine which site a user will eventually get to by clicking on the shortened URL. This is a risk to the security of the computer and the user’s personal data. 

Unshorten.link fixes the situation. With this extension, a shortened link can be converted into a normal link before the user clicks on it. And the extension works automatically. You don’t have to copy and paste it – when you click on the shortened URL your browser will react on its own by offering to first look at the original address and scan it for viruses.


The best Google Chrome extension for those who often have dozens of tabs open and are trying to manage them. OneTab puts all your open tabs on one page in chronological order. This page displays site names, icons, and other details to help you navigate and open the links you want. 

OneTab allows you to close all active tabs that you keep open, because you might need them at any time. You can close them in one click, but save the list of closed tabs in a separate OneTab window. 

You can then restore the tabs all at once or open each one as needed. You can also export a list of pages from OneTab to a text file with one click.


Useful add-on for those who often use sites with a lot of thumbnail photos. So you don’t have to click every link and open each thumbnail in a separate tab, you can just point your cursor and the picture will be automatically enlarged. 

After installing HoverZoom+ you don’t even need to click anything. The extension works automatically and enlarges anything you hover your cursor over. The size of the enlarged image depends on its original resolution. If the picture itself is small, HoverZoom+ won’t help.

Web of Trust

WOT scans all visited pages and visible links and then gives them a trust rating. If the rating is low, it means the site is guilty of spreading viruses, tracking sensitive data, or phishing. If the rating is high it means the site is trustworthy and can be clicked on. The rating is influenced by real people who have installed the extension, so it can definitely be trusted.

This extension can be especially useful for inexperienced web users who are not yet able to independently determine which resources on the Internet can be trusted and which cannot.


The best plugin for those who know how CSS works and want to change the look of visited sites. With Stylish you can edit the CSS files that are responsible for the appearance of the pages yourself. You can change fonts or just resize them. You can change the color scheme, add borders for buttons, change the whole site theme or slightly change the shade of one of the colors. In general, you can change anything that changes with CSS editing. 

Users of the extension have already created hundreds of themes for popular social networks, Google search engine and other common resources. Therefore, you can use Stylish even if you don’t know CSS at all but really want to refresh the look of boring web pages.

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