Internet Friend Quotes: Know The Importance Of Choosing Quality Friends

Internet Friend Quotes

Internet friend’s quotes are deep as it says about some unhealthy friends online. Today, many love to have thousands of virtual friends. The number of friends online makes people feel good about their social skills. More than true friendship people connect with others for their prestige. 

However, some of the internet friends are questionable. Even though you may meet good people online there are a few unhealthy friends too. The quotes about internet friends help to be careful with online interactions. It also talks about good friends you meet in the virtual world. Here are the best Internet friends quotes you need to take a look at. 

The positive things about internet friendships 

Internet friends are fun to chat with and have a great time sharing memes. These are friends who help to cope with your boredom. Also, a few internet friends become your best friends for life. There are many perks to internet friends. You can easily connect with a friend over the internet than in person. 

Internet Friend Quotes

If you have a lot of stress in life these internet friends can refresh your mind. With their post and memes, they can lighten your mood. Also, to meet these friends you do not have to get ready or take more effort. All you need is your internet and in the comfort of your home, it is possible to connect with them. 

The reason to stay away from toxic internet friends 

The Internet has many uses but it has much more dangers. When you connect with people over the internet you may not know any details about them. Some even disguise themselves on the internet who in reality may be abusers are people with bad motives. When developing new friendships over the internet it is important to know the true identity of the person. Also, having internet friends can disconnect you from the real world. You may spend less time with people who care about you when on the internet. Also, there are dangers of losing true real-life friends too. 

The Internet friend’s quotes that say about the upsides and downsides of it 

  • ‘Some of the most poisonous people are those who are in disguise’
  • ‘When you realize about having more friends online than in real life’
  • ‘It is easy to make friends online as you can block them whenever you want’
  • ‘Sometimes friends are like coins who are two-faced and worthless’
  • ‘Everyone has an internet friend to who they send memes whenever they see them online’
  • ‘Dear two-faced friend, I cannot decide which face of you to slap first’
  • ‘In life, we never lose friends we just learn who the true ones are’
  • ‘Fake friends are like shadows they follow you in the sun and leave you in dark’
  • ‘When growing up we realize that having few true friends is more important than having tons of them’
  • ‘ I do have friends, maybe they live miles away from me but I can still talk to them through a screen, but they are still my friends’
  • ‘ The coolest thing about fandom is finding friends who share the same passion as you’
  • ‘One night my internet friends asked if my husband minded talking to him?’
  • ‘I trust my internet friends a lot more than the real ones’
  • ‘ True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but not at heart’
  • ‘ I hate the distance as you meet the best people and they are always far away’


Here are some of the internet friends’ quotes that help you to know the perks and dangers of it. These top quotes help you to think twice before developing new friendships over the internet.  

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