Ross Geller – Things To Know About Everyone’s Favorite Sitcom Character

Ross Geller
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“NBC’s sitcom FRIENDS” has some of the most iconic characters of all time and Ross Geller is one of them. Ross has become a fan-favorite for sure because of his nature and also for his comedy timing in the show. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Ross has given us a lot of iconic dialogues in Friends sitcom show. Needless to say, the show has become a timeless classic.

From the Ross Geller Couch scene to his ‘Unagi’, and ‘were on a break’, we have tons of instances where the actor has truly shined and portrayed the character of Ross perfectly. Moreover, fans love all the characters from Friends equally. 

Whether it’s the obsessive Monica Geller, the sarcastic chandler bling, the lovable joey Jribbianni to quirky Phoebe Buffay, we have lots of characters. However, what attracts Ross Geller the most is his comedy and awkwardness. 

But, there are several instances where the character has shown a few toxic traits. So, if you want to know more about Ross, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at a few interesting facts about his character. 

Ross Geller’s Divorces In The Show ‘FRIENDS’

Ross Geller Friends is introduced to us in the first season itself. So, in the first season, we see him go through his first divorce from his wife Caro Willick. Well, their relationship didn’t work out this time not because of his toxic behavior, but for another reason. Actually, Carol was a lesbian and she found love with Susan Bunch. 

However, there are a few things to say about Ross’ second divorce from Emily, whom he met through Rachel. From the story’s point of view, at this time, Ross and Rachel had broken up due to their misunderstandings. But, it was clear that they still had feelings for each other. Well, at the altar, Ross spoke the name of Rachel instead of Emily’s which, naturally, ends the wedding mood. 

Now, few people have found Ross’ behavior toxic because he constantly puts others in the middle of his relationship with Rachel. In fact, he even went on dates with others just to try and get over her. So, this act does indeed hurt Emily but also confused Rachel because it wasn’t a healthy relationship. 

Ross Geller Birthday

Ross Geller Birthday
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Well, the fans who have already watched the show may remember Ross’ birthday. The show revealed that Ross’s birthday is on the 18th of October. However, it’s also worth noting that in one episode, “The One With Joey’s New Girlfriend’, Gunther asks Rachel for her birthday. He claimed that he was making a list of birthdays. So, at that time, Ross told him that his birthday is in December. 

Ross Geller Quote

Ross Geller Quote
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David Schwimmer who plays the character of Ross has become quite famous for sure. Well, he is also famous for the iconic dialogues that he has told via his on-screen character Ross in friends. From Unagi to pivot, I’m the holiday armadillo, we were on a break, there are tons of iconic quotes out there. 

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