What To Eat Before, During And After Trekking?

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Trekking is purely a mentally controlled physical activity. So firstly when you start you may go through the initial distance based on your body strength, but as the miles get covered and your body tires, your mind starts gathering little pods of energy from within you and around you, depending on how open can you keep your mind to actually grasp all this knowledge in the form of energy.

So let us talk about a few ways to fuel your body for a smooth ride on your trek.

What should one eat before they start on their journey?

The beginnings are generally the most important aspects in anything. Now you must know that your body has enough energy stored as fat. This is a direct fuel that will help you walk for long hours (without food). So for the people who have a lot of fat, it may seem difficult because you keep exhausting your body by feeling the body weight in every step; but you are the real underdogs of trekking if you can master the art of using your body fat to fuel your walk .

So the point being, that since people have the body fat fuelling their physical strength, the initial food fuel should only be things that boost your metabolism and keep your body in a fresh state of movement  for a long time. Eating fresh veggies and protein rich foods is the way to go.  So that even if you sweat you understand that it’s just the fuel exiting your body after its use.

  1. Eggs: eggs are rich in protein and don’t make you feel too full.
  2. Lentil soup: “Dal” again a rich source of consistent energy. A small bowl of dal prepared in a traditional Indian way is the best way to take lentils.
  3. Wheat rotis: Have a little bread or what we call “rotis” in India. The roti is bread that is a solid and a healthy food. It fills your tummy and provides roughage for a good bowel function.
  4. Veggies: Veggies that keep your stomach cool, such as carrots and papaya are strongly recommended, it’s difficult to trek with a really warm tummy. You need to eat veggies to cool down. Go the Popeye way and eat spinach, its rich in irons too.
  5. Veggie milk: Plant based milk is also an energy drink. Plant based milk is the best alternative because in many trekking experiences, people recall having experienced gas formation after consuming animal based milk products.

What should one eat during a trek?

As you trek, you will realize that all the food you consumed before the trek is metabolising very early, after having trekked initially and now having entered the trekking mode, what should you eat? Maintaining a pace in trekking is very important and it happens by focusing on using only the required amount of energy, and learning to conserve your energy as well.

  1. Fluids: Consume fluids on your way, not too much just when needed and while resting. You can usually drink a cup of Chai (tea) to relieve the mind. Also consume water to keep hydrated.
  2. Energy bars: Consider light snacking while on the way, a small energy bar, protein bar goes a long way to make your tummy feel full and not completely empty.

What should one eat after the trek is over?

After your trek has ended, it’s time for your body to receive its due for delivering you safely to the destination. Feed yourself in large portions, because your body requires a lot of energy to heal the areas that provided all the energy you required for the trek. The food will heal the drained areas. Receive your food with thanks and gratitude.

  1. Whole meals: Usually the local food of an area is the best food to eat because this is the food that has helped locals stay healthy around that area. And foods are based so much on the geography of the people living there. Like if you’re on trekking tours in Nepal, you will come across a lot of fermented foods, dry meats, and local vegetables. If you are on trekking tours in India, you will be met with a lot of spices. Spices are known to be very potent mind fresheners. Gorge on the local platter that the natives have to offer, it will never bring harm your body.
  2. Fruits: Eat fruits that are potent and rich in vitamins and nutrients that are required to heal your body. Local fruits are the way to go in this case as well. Bananas are one of the most wholesome trekking fruits.

Like a game, your food becomes the boost your body needs to lift and take another step ahead. When you’re on a trek think of your body as a vehicle, a tool, a machine, an instrument that will take you to where you need to reach, to your destination.  People doing difficult treks like the Trekking in Everest Base Camp, have mastered the art of considering their bodies as vehicles, so they can access to all their strength without being egoistic and too gentle about their bodies. So when you think of your body as if it was a vehicle, you don’t eat for the taste and the grease-loving, you eat for the energy only and call your food, fuel instead.