How Is Working At Harleysville Savings Bank Like?

Harleysville Savings Bank

Harleysville Savings bank is an excellent choice if you want to join a financial corporation bank. As per the sources, this company was founded back in 1915 with its HQ in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a resident of that place or coming from a different place, this place has a great working environment. Furthermore, it’s one of the best banks out there in terms of rank.

This bank owns around 775 million USD worth of assets and deposits with a total of 550 million USD. So, as a medium size bank, it’s definitely one of the top ones in the region. Moreover, we should also note that this is a bank in Pennsylvania that is engaged in personal as well as business banking services.

The primary business of this bank is to attract deposits from the general masses and business customers through a wide range of deposit programs. They also attract people on investing such despots in the first mortgage. Not only that, but Harleysville savings bank also offers you personal as well as business banking services.

In addition, it also includes services such as checking, savings, and certificate of deposits. Also, they offer individual retirement accounts. As for the business services, it includes business checking, savings products, and also business loans and credit. These include a letter of credit, small business loans, business term loans, and line of credit. Apart from that, this bank also offers other services, like bill pay and online banking.

There are a lot of other services that this bank offers like a debit card and direct deposit services. It’s one of the small finance companies from Pennysylvania with a revenue of 29 million USD.

Ratings Of the Harleysville Savings Bank

So, as we can tell from our initial discussion on Harleysville savings bank, it’s one of the best medium-sized banks in the region. However, we should also mention that it has a rating of around 53 on the ‘Best finance companies to work for in Pennysylvania’.

It’s a great feat for a medium-sized company. On the other hand, we should also include that this bank has ranked 2nd as the best company to work for in Harleysville, PA. Moreover, it’s the 3rd biggest company in Harleysville, PA as well.

According to the stats, Harleysville Savings Bank has a savings rate of around 0.10%. Moreover, its CD feature a rate from about 0.20 percent to 2.17 percent for 1-year and 5-year programs. In all honesty, it’s a bank that has a lot of room for growth. However, that shouldn’t deter us from investing. It’s because this bank is one of the best ones to exist in PA.

The Demographics Of This Bank

Nowadays, a lot of people are looking for the best banks to either work for or deposit/invest their money in. So, if you are someone like that, then you are in the right place. Choosing Harleysville Savings Bank is an excellent idea simply because it’s one of the most promising banks out there. Furthermore, it has a good rating compared to its other competitors.

On the other hand, we should also mention that this bank provides a lot of perks, which we already mentioned earlier in this article. Overall, it’s a bank with lots of promises that you just cannot overlook.

Now, let’s talk about the demographics of this company. So, we have calculated the ratio of the employees and have concluded that there are around 48% males and 52% females working in the bank. It’s a small company but it shows a lot of promise as well.

Using the database, we have also come to realize that at present this bank has around 50 employees. The most common ethnicity at Harleysville Savings Bank is White at 69 percent and the second one in this list is Hispanic or Latino with 11 percent, and Asian at 10%.

Moreover, we should also note that on average, employees at this bank stay with the company for about 4.5 years or so. In addition, if you want to know about the salary, then you will find that this company pays its employees well. For instance, on average, an employee at this bank makes around 56k US dollars a year.

Financial Health Of The Company

So, we have already mentioned a great deal about the company. However, we should also talk about the financial health of Harleysville Savings Bank. So, as we know, it’s a medium size bank with around 775 million USD in assets and 570 million USD in deposits. Moreover, it has its texas ratio at 14.75 percent.

Additionally, you should also note that this bank is FDIC insured. Therefore, your money is insured for up to 250k USD. Moreover, on average the company generates around 29 million USD as revenue. It’s one of the best banks in the finance industry in PA. As for its competitors, they are Fulton Bank, Credit Union, IBM Southeast, USB, First Volunteer Bank, and more.

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