Single Mom In Nursing School Asks To Bring Sick Baby To Class & Her Professor Gives A Perfect Response

Single Mom In Nursing School
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A few months ago, a professor took matters and a child into his hands so that her student didn’t have to miss an important exam. Well, a single mom in nursing school asked if she could bring her sick baby to the class. Then her profession gave her a surprising response. 

According to the sources, Katie Lewis’s five-week-old daughter Allie provides her the motivation to her to finishing nursing school. In fact, she also thanked her professor from the Texas University at Tyler-Palestine for holding her baby while she took an exam. 

According to the sources, Katie is a 22-year-old single mom and she’s in level four of nursing school. So, it’s worth noting that she will graduate on 2nd May with a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Nursing. Her baby’s name is Allie, as we mentioned earlier. 

If you want to know more about Katie, the single mom, and how she juggles her single motherhood and nursing school, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you everything about the single mom in nursing school. 

Her Nursing School Efficiently
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Katie Juggles Single Motherhood And Her Nursing School Efficiently

It takes a lot of willpower to keep a balance between two things. Katie, being a single mom does it efficiently. So, the sources tell us that she finished her 16 weeks of the hands-on portion of nursing school in only six weeks so that she could spend some more time with her little one. However, it’s worth noting that for some reason she went through a complication during her pregnancy. This complication only made it difficult for her to continue her work. The doctors diagnosed Hyperemesis, as Katie mentioned to the media. 

“I was throwing up my entire pregnancy all day every day. During two of my tests, I was running out of the testing room to go throw up in a trash can in the hallway. There were times when I was ready to give up on school. It was so hard but Allie just gave me all the motivation to keep going and finish.”

Even after the birth of Allie, Katie went through a lot of obstacles that only made it harder for her to obtain her nursing degree. However, her support system, Allie, made it possible for her to finish it. 

Katie’s Professors
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The Immense Help Of Katie’s Professors

Sometimes you do need help from others in crucial times and this is exactly what Katie’s professors offered. During the tests, her professor Dr. George held her baby so that she could take the exam. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that on the day of Katie’s exam, Allie was diagnosed with an ear and upper respiratory infection. However, the professor Dr. George without hesitation held Allie throughout the entire test. 

Katie, a single mom in nursing school said, “Teachers like Dr. George make nursing school possible for all of us, but especially single moms. All of our teachers at the Palestine Campus care for us. They help us out in any way they can for us to achieve our goals. I am so grateful for the school and all of our amazing teachers, especially Dr. George.”

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