How Did Raymond Craig Turner Die? Know All About The Eldest Son Of Tina Turner

Tina Turner

Tina Turner is one of the most popular Swiss singers and she was a legend in her profession. Now she is not singing anymore but still has left a great legacy in the music industry. Her birthplace is America but later became a natural resident of Switzerland. Plus Turner is also referred to as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. She is also an actor. 

When Tina Turner was eighteen she gave birth to Raymond Craig Turner. Later his name became Craig Raymond Turner. But tragically he died because of suicide in 2018. Continue reading to know more about Raymond Craig Turner. 

Why did Raymond Craig Turner die? 

Raymond Craig Turner died in July 3, 2018, Studio City, CA and his cause of death was suicide. He was fifty-nine at the time of his death. 

Tina Turner shared in an interview that his son’s life was professionally and personally good. It also seemed he also found a good girlfriend. But Tina cannot find out why he ended his life. It was shocking for the family when they heard it. 

Raymond Craig Turner Die

He had plans to introduce his girlfriend to his mother. He also decorated his apartment and got a new job to live a happy life. But Turner noticed that there was something holding his son back and he felt lonely at the end of the day. Yet it was too late because his son decided to end his life. 

Who is the father of Raymond Craig Turner? 

The father of Raymond Craig Turner was Kings of Rhythm saxophonist Raymond Hill. Turner gave birth to Raymond when she was eighteen. Hill was also an actor and a singer. At the age of sixty-two, he died of congestive heart failure in 1996. He has other children too and their names are Cathy Mitchell and Ronald Turner. They are brother and sister to Raymond Craig Turner. 

Who was Tina Turner married to? 

Tina Turner was originally called Ann Bullock. During these early years, she fell in love with Harry Taylor. They had a steady relationship for a year. But their relationship ended when Turner discovered that Taylor was married to another girl and also had a child with her. 

After that Turner met Kings of Rhythm saxophonist Raymond Hill. She became pregnant during her senior high school year and had Craig in 1958. Plus she also broke up with Hill when he fought with another band member Carlson Oliver and broke his ankle in the process. 

Tina Turner was able to meet Ike Turner through Hill. But their relationship was like brother and sister at first. Then they started their affair when Ike was with his girlfriend Lorraine Taylor. Later their relationship also turned abusive but Turner thought that she really cared about him so she stayed with him. They got married in Tijuana and bought a home in the View Park area. They lived together with Raymond Craig Turner, and Ronnie and Ike’s two sons Lorraine and St. Louis. 

Further, Ike was found to be ailing from bipolar disorder. Then Turner left him after they had a serious fight and filed for divorce. She got custody of the children too. 

Finally, Tina Turner married German music executive Erwin Bach. He is sixteen years younger than him. They dated for twenty-seven years and wedded on Lake Zurich in Küsnacht, Switzerland. 

How was Tina Turner’s relationship with her son? 

In her memoir My Love Story she shared about the death of her son Raymond Craig Turner. She loved her sons but it seems she was not able to maintain a close bond with them. They were estranged from her during the divorce trial. Only Raymond Craig Turner had a close bond with his mother compared to her other sons. 

End thoughts 

Raymond Craig Turner was an amazing child to his mother. He was the eldest son of Tina Turner.

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