Finding the Best Online Casino Bonuses in the USA

Best Online Casino

From blockbuster movies out of Hollywood to gigantic rollercoasters and massive lottery jackpots from coast to coast, America likes to do things bigger and better than anywhere else.

The approach is no different when it comes to online casino bonuses. Simply put, the bonuses offered by legal casinos operating in the US are among the best available internationally. 

However, since finding the cream of the crop can be a challenging task, here are three simple tips to help you hunt down the biggest and best casino bonuses and offers.

Know Your Bonus Type

The best online casinos offer six typical bonuses: welcome, deposit match, reload, free spin, no deposit, and seasonal (or promotional) bonuses. Knowing which to look for is the first step in finding the best one for you. 

A free spin bonus would be wasted if you aren’t particularly interested in slots. However, if you want to double the money that you deposit into your account, a deposit match is what you should search for. 

Knowing what type of bonus you require can immediately narrow down the options and make finding the right bonus significantly easier. Keep reading to discover the six most common types of bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

These are offered to new players and are commonly made up of free spin, reload, deposit match bonuses, or a combination of all three. These are usually the best bonuses with the most significant returns.

Deposit Match Bonus

A deposit match bonus allows you to get more than you bargained for. When depositing into your player account with this bonus active, the casino will grant you additional credit up to a specified amount.

Reload Bonus

Like a deposit match, a reload bonus rewards you for ‘reloading’ your account by depositing more funds. Like deposit match bonuses, this reload will grant you extra credit up to a threshold.

Free Spin

Free spin bonuses work exactly as implied: you receive free spins to use on online slot games, often specific ones. Your player balance isn’t affected during these free spins, yet you will still receive any winnings due. 

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are among the most popular types of bonuses. These are made up of various other rewards (like free spins or extra casino credit), yet don’t require you to deposit any money before claiming them. 

Seasonal/Promotional Bonus

Also made up of bonuses like reload, deposit match, and free spin bonuses, seasonal bonuses are generally offered around a specific theme and at a particular time of the year. Alternatively, when acting as a promotional bonus, these can draw attention to a new game or feature offered by an online casino. 

Only Search for Verifiable Bonuses at Legitimate Casinos

After identifying what bonus you’re looking for, the next step is finding the casino that offers the best version of that bonus. There are two primary ways you can do this—one requiring extensive research on your part and the other being relatively simple.

The first option is to visit several casino websites available in your region. In the US, those available will depend on your state and what the local regulations allow. Once you’ve found these, you’ll need to consider whether these casinos are legitimate. 

Legal and secure online casinos hold the necessary licensing to operate from an official governing body, have a decent online reputation, and have a proven track record among past players. If you find a casino offering the bonus you want, but it doesn’t have these things, it is best to keep looking for one that does. 

The second and much easier option is to take advantage of websites that have done all the research for you. Accessing tools like the USA resource page can quickly tell you where to find the best bonuses to match your criteria and whether the casino offering them is legitimate—making your life easier and getting you playing (and hopefully winning) more quickly. 

Read the Fine Print and Know the Requirements

After finding the bonus you’d like and the casino offering it, it is essential to understand the gaming conditions. These conditions most commonly take the form of a wagering requirement and set out the benchmark you need to reach to take full advantage of the bonus and withdraw the winnings you’ve earned while using it. 

Ensuring your chosen bonus has acceptable wagering requirements and other conditions is vital. Failing to do so could result in being unable to claim the rewards. The most common types of conditions attached to bonuses are outlined below.

Wagering Requirement

As mentioned, a wagering requirement is the most common condition attached to online casino bonuses. These stipulate the amount of funds you will need to play through before claiming the full benefit of your bonus.

For example, if you receive a bonus of $50 with a wagering requirement of x15, you’ll need to spend a minimum of $750 (50 times 15) before you have completed the wagering requirement. Failure to meet a requirement usually means that any winnings received when playing with the $50 bonus will be void, meaning you won’t be able to access them.  

Game Limits

A game limit is imposed chiefly on a free spin bonus. This condition specifies what games the free spin bonus can be used for. As such, receiving free spins doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to use them for your favorite game. Instead, a limit will direct you to a small number of games—or even a single slot—that you can play. 

Time Limits

Many casinos also impose time limits on bonuses to ensure you reach your wagering requirement within a reasonable timeframe. These give you a specified period in which all other requirements need to be met. Failure to complete these before the end of the time limit will void your bonus and any benefits you’ve received from it. 

Deposit Requirements

Deposit requirements can be attached to almost any bonus, but they will most likely be paired with deposit match bonuses and wagering requirements. These conditions specify the minimum and maximum amount you need to deposit to claim the perks of a bonus. In some cases, they also specify that a particular payment method, such as PayPal or Play+, must be used to deposit.

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