Common Myths About Student Nursing Debunked

Common Myths About Student Nursing Debunked

If you are interested in training as a nurse in 2023, then you will have undoubtedly looked into nursing schools in your area. Or, perhaps you have been on to online forums to gain more insight into this field of study, and it’s entirely possible that you will have come across some of the common mistruths that surround being a student nurse, which may have unfairly deterred you from choosing this career path for yourself.

Like all fields of study, there are some myths surrounding student nursing that simply needs to be put to bed for nursing to become more popular again, and in this article, 5 of the most prevalent ones will be debunked.

You Can’t Work And Go To Nursing School

Of course, you can! Most nurses who study nursing part-time do just this, and it is an ideal solution for people who may be considered mature students or have families.

The University of Indianapolis online nurse programs are designed to be flexible and will allow you to balance your work life better with your study. So, if you need to work to pay the bills but also want to be a nurse, you will be able to do so without it interfering with your income or schedule.

All Nursing Schools Have Long Waiting Lists

It is true that some nursing schools are exceedingly competitive and will have waiting lists, but many don’t. 

It is, in fact, exceedingly common, especially in 2022, that the majority of nursing schools can offer placements with greater ease because fewer people are training to become nurses. However, if you find that a program you want to undertake does have a waiting list, it’s almost certain that you’ll be able to find another nurse training program in your area or online. So, keep looking around!

The Training Takes Too Long

It’s worth noting that you can earn an associate’s degree in nursing in around two years, depending on the requirements for the course, and a bachelor’s degree or BSN will typically take four years. Considering how much time you will spend in nursing school compared to how much you will spend in medical school, it is a significant reduction, and it will fly by!

Nursing School Only Teaches You The Technical Skills

It’s true that when you attend nursing school, you will be taught technical skills such as taking obs, filling in charts, and writing an informative essay. However, a large proportion of nursing school and learning, in general, is done via lectures, which can include reading, studying, and essays. As mentioned before, many online nursing programs can offer all of these to you via the internet, so you do not have to set foot on campus unless you need to.

Nursing School Teaches You Everything About Being A Nurse

This is perhaps the biggest myth out there, and while the nursing school will help you with the foundations for nursing, this is a job that you learn as you go. Many new nurses do indeed feel ill-prepared when they graduate, but the majority of hospitals and clinics will also offer on-the-job training, so you’ll be able to pick up the skills on learn as you gain experience.

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