Who Is FreakaBritt? The OnlyFans Star’s Bio, Relationships, Net Worth & More


FreakaBritt, an American performer, is famous for her videos on YouTube, TikTok, and movies. She began acting in 2002 when she was young and has since gained a significant following. We will take a closer look at her life in the wiki below.

Early Life

Real Name Brittney Guzman
Nickname FreakaBritt
Net Worth $850k (As of 2023)
Date of Birth March 3 1993
Age 30 Years (As of 2023) 
Birthplace USA
Current Residence USA
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Martial Status Unmarried
Boyfriend/ Affairs N/A
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Pisces

FreakaBritt was born in Los Angeles on March 3, 1993. As a child, she loved dancing and performing. She used to be a professional dancer before gaining fame on social media. While it’s unclear if she attended college, she has not mentioned her education or college experiences in any interviews. Her real name is Brittany Guzman.

Height and Weight

FreakaBritt is a pretty girl with a cool personality. She stands at 4 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 42 kilograms. The celebrity has a nice body shape and is healthy. She has black hair and brown eyes. Moreover, it does not seem like she has any significant mental or physical issues. This is a sign of good health and beauty. Her pleasant appearance helps her to gain more attention on social media. 

Height and Weight

Net Worth

FreakaBritt earns a significant income through her TikTok videos and Onlyfans account. Her 12-month membership on Onlyfans costs $85.72 USD, and she has gained popularity with 49.5k likes. As a result, her net worth is currently around $850,000 USD as of April 2023. As you can see, her wealth is not much. But she is moderately successful. 

Unveiling the Multifaceted Talent

Freakabritt is a versatile individual, demonstrating their skills and talents in multiple areas. Moreover, they have excelled as an entertainer, influencers, and content creator, captivating audiences with their captivating performances and engaging content. Furthermore, their ability to connect with people and create a positive impact sets them apart from others.

Creative Ventures

In addition to their entertaining endeavours, Freakabritt has ventured into various creative outlets, showcasing their artistic abilities. Moreover, they have explored domains such as music, fashion, and visual arts, further establishing their artistic versatility. Their passion for creativity and their dedication to honing their craft have led to numerous accomplishments.

Unveiling the Multifaceted Talent
Credit: just jared

Social Media Influence

Moreover, Freakabritt has gained many followers on social media. Their interesting content has attracted fans and supporters. They connect with their audience and create a sense of community. Freakabritt’s online presence inspires and motivates others, making them popular beyond the virtual world. She also has a lot of fans around the world. They help spread her message around the globe. 

Positive Impact and Advocacy

Moreover, Freakabritt has utilized its platform to promote positive messages and advocate for various causes close to its heart. They have actively supported social issues such as mental health awareness, body positivity, and inclusivity. Their dedication to creating a positive impact and using their influence for the betterment of society is truly commendable.


FreakaBritt is a pretty successful actress. Her IMDb page says she played some prominent roles in recent years. Moreover, she starred in the popular reality show “Little Women.” But at the same time, she did not win and had to leave. After this, she took part in another reality show called “Henry Danger”. This was going on well until the pandemic shut down the service in 2020.

In a TV show, FreakaBritt played Mole Person. She danced with Miley Cyrus and performed with Ray J and Kid Rock. She started her own clothing brand, “Freakabritt Collection,” selling products online. Currently, she works full-time as a social media content developer.

Positive Impact and Advocacy


Many people don’t know this. But FreakaBritt also has an OnlyFans account. She uses her account for some extra income in addition to her media career. On Onlyfans, FreakaBritt offers a 12-month membership for $85.72 USD. She has received 49.5k likes on her Onlyfans account, suggesting that she has earned well from it. Now, before we judge her for this we must keep an open mind as well. It is not like FreakaBritt enjoys doing this. She has to because she needs to support her family. 


We do not know much about FreakaBritt’s relationships. She is single most probably. But she once shared a screen with the veteran dwarf actor Kewon Vines. They appeared together on a TikTok video. She is focusing on her professional life for now. Both of them started to get really close. But after this, the actress never revealed anything else about her romantic life. We will update this section as and when we get anything relevant information. 


1. What is FreakaBritt’s real name?

Her real name is Brittney Guzman. 

2. How old is FreakaBritt?

She is 30 years old. 

3. Does FreakaBritt have an OnlyFans account?

Yes, she has an OnlyFans account. 

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