Rumi Carter: The Meaning and Story of Rumi and Sir Carter

Rumi Carter

It is the brand welcomed by the two powerful couples Jay Z with Beyonce, the birth of rumi carter. With great responsibility arrives the weightage in the identity. The explanation arrives for their twin children. Therefore, it is very important to discover the meaning of the namesake. Henceforth, the proud father revealed the secret behind the unique information of rumi and sir carter. 

This article will discuss how the superstars stream with the mystery being carried in the babies’ names. 

Rumi and Sir Carter -The Mystery Behind the Names 

Jay Z personified the use of a very famous name for their child, rumi carter. Rumi is the name of the 13th-century Persian Poet. Firstly, he is the most proficient figure in the world of poetry. In the second place, the celebrity uses his quote as a token point of appreciation.  Rumi is famous as Jalal-ad-din Muhammad Rumi. Therefore, the name carries a great legacy behind it. Therefore,  the couple felt the necessity of moving with an important name for their child. 

While gushing with the twin babies, Beyonce described the milestone. Next, the happiness of finding out the relevant names. In Rumi and sir cater, there is a flash of a good smile. Finally, Houston flashes with the beautiful smile of the babies. Within all, the name of rumi and sir carter exists with the poet and his creation. Sir Carter got their name from one of their poems of Rumi. 

The twins even have an elder sister. Her name is Blue Ivy. In addition, the whole family is now enjoying the arrival of the cute babies.

Sir and Rumi Carter Raised with Full Care 

Sir and Rumi Carter Raised with Full Care 

Both the children, sir, and Rumi Carter, enjoy the company of their parents in Los Angeles. Although their parents are busy with their careers,  couples try to spend their time with their beloved children. The children brought a lot of hope into their life. Again, the couple celebrates their birth as the reason behind their completeness in the family. Moreover,  two parents are sharing their cute pics on Instagram. The two babies are in the trends, However, the couples are aware of the safety of the newborn babies. With all precautions, they are nurturing with full concentration on their health. Further, the heavyweight couples have thanked their fans for wishing for their good health. 

Birthday of Rumi and Sir Carter 

The Carter twins were born in 2017 at the Reagan UCLA Medical Center in LOS Angeles. Moreover, the mystery behind their names connects with their birth time. Firstly, one child was born at around 5.13 am. Secondly,  another baby was just a few minutes old. Both were born on June 13, 2017. The ultra-private power couple considers the year delightful, with Rumi and sir carter bringing new hope into their lives.

In the year 2021, during the pandemic, Beyonce was found wishing both their babies a happy birthday.  Social media trends all around Rumi and sir carter, 2021 stealing the show. Another trip to sir and rumi carter’s birthday brings a new ray of hope into her life. As a result, she expressed her  presence to be the best gift. She was going through a difficult pregnancy. It brought her a new outlook. She returned to her work in the year 2019. 

Birthday of Rumi and Sir Carter 

Rumi and Sir Carter- An Inspiration Among the New Couples 

The life of both the babies turned out to be an inspiration among the new couples. Physically jugging, the babies can be the point of inspiration among new parents. It is all about the love that our life needs both in personal and professional life. 


1. How old is Rumi Carter? 

Rumi Carter is 5 years old. 

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