The Proper Way to Order Steak in a Restaurant

Parramatta Steak Restaurant

Even though they look very classy, steakhouses can be scary places to eat for some people. For instance, there are many ways to tell if the beef you buy is good and what cuts people are most likely to order. A steakhouse has been known for a long time as a “special occasion” restaurant where people go to enjoy birthdays, weddings, and other important events.

So, if going to a Parramatta Steak Restaurant overwhelms you, read how to enjoy your next steak dinner and have a great night out.

Learn the Different Steak Cuts

To be able to order a steak, you must first learn about the different cuts. Many people know that filet mignon is very good, but they don’t know really why. So, learning about the different kinds of meat, especially those popular ones, will help.

A filet mignon steak is lean and tender but bland, a sirloin steak has more fat and taste, and a rib-eye steak has the most fat and flavorful. There is also the T-bone or porterhouse steak, which has the tenderloin and strip loin around the T-bone.

Check the Menu for Aging Meat

Certain kinds of meat go through a process called “aging.” You can age things dry or wet. When meat is dry-aged, it is hung outside for a while, making it less moist but sealing in more taste and tender before it goes on the grill.

Wet-aged beef, conversely, gets its taste from how it is packaged or wrapped. Many people who like steak think that aged beef is better than non-aged beef.

Choose the Right Sauce

It’s not illegal to cover your steak in sauce, but many people say you will miss out on the steak’s taste if you do that. But some people like to eat steak with sauce. If you prefer a sauce to eat with your steak, ensure the sauce is made from good ingredients so it goes well with your food.

Consider the Flavor

A lot of people who like steakhouses care about the taste. Most of the time, steaks with bones have more flavor than steaks without bones. This is because the flavor comes from the marrow inside the bone, which can also make the meat softer and more juicy. Boneless isn’t a bad choice if you’d rather make eating easy.

Decide the Doneness

Everyone has their favorite things to order at a restaurant. Many people agree that medium-rare is the best way to order steak. You can tell that the meat is medium-rare because the sides are hard and brown, and the middle is soft (you can see the pink part).

A steak cooked more than medium rare usually loses its taste and texture. The meat stays soft if you cook lean cuts for less time. On the other hand, cooking them well can make the steak tough.

Learn About the Source

There’s a lot more to that than just steaks coming from cows. Some steakhouses use special names to show where the meat came from, like Angus meat from cows in New Zealand. On the other hand, Wagyu and Kobe come from Japan and are some of the best and most expensive cuts of beef.

Enjoy the Best Steak Dining Experience

Finding a steak you will enjoy can still be hard when there are so many to choose from. But if you remember these tips, you can slowly boost your confidence as you improve your steak game. You can’t use a magic method to find the best steak. Instead, it’s more of a personal experience that gets better each time.

So, next time you go to a steakhouse, don’t feel bad or embarrassed if you need to ask for guidance or explain a menu word. There’s always something nice about finding a tasty steak dinner.