Merciless Erin Caffey Murders Her Own Family: Things About The Incident

Erin Caffey

Erin Caffey is an infamous teenage girl who murdered her parents in a brutal way. According to the sources, her parents did not approve of her relationship with her boyfriend Charlie. So, as a result of that, she sought revenge. In order to kill her parents, she came up with a classic murder plot. Not only that, but she also made her boyfriend Charlie an accomplice to this task. In fact, the sources tell us that she planned to kill her parents during their sleep. 

Erin has become quite infamous for this cold-blooded murder of her parents. If you want to know more about this news, then you are at the right place. Here we will mention all the details that you need to know about Erin and how she murdered her parents. 

Erin & Her Relationship With Charlie: The Beginning of The Fall

The whole misery of this heinous crime started when Erin met her boyfriend Charlie. According to the sources, she started dating Charlie five months before the crime. So, let us tell you that Charlie Wilkinson is the name of the 18-year-old teenager whom Erin was seeing. The 18-year-old boy from Texas and Erin met each other in a fast-food restaurant. Very quickly, they developed feelings for each other. 

So, one day, it was Charlie who proposed to Erin by giving her her grandmom’s wedding ring. In other words, he proposed to Erin and expressed his desire to marry her soon. However, Erin Caffey’s parents did not approve of this decision. They felt that it was not right for Caffey to be with that boy. 

The Beginning of The Fall

A Brief Note on Erin’s Parents

Well, before we describe the murder, we should know about Erin’s parents. According to the sources, Erin’s parents, Terry & Penny are natives of Texas and they followed the Christian religion. Not only that, Erin had two brothers in her family whose names were Matthew and Tyler. 

Moreover, one should also note that Caffey’s family had a keen interest in music. That’s the reason they joined the Church Choir often. Not only that but Erin herself was a vocalist in the same church. However, upon meeting Charlie she discontinued her being a vocalist. After knowing about Erin’s relationship with Charlie, her parents tried to separate the duo. 

The sources tell us that Erin’s parents thought that Charlie didn’t have a good standards. In fact, they also searched about Charlie on social media and found lots of sexual content and stuff related to alcohol.

A Brief Note on Erin’s Parents
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The Plot of The Murder & The Execution

As we all know already, Erin Caffey’s parents didn’t approve of her relationship with her Texas boyfriend, Charlie. So, that’s why Erin sought revenge and thought of murdering her family. Not only that, but she also discussed this with her parents. According to the sources, murdering people for Erin is a proud thing. The thirst for revenge was so high that even when Charlie proposed to Erin to elope with him, all she wanted was revenge- i.e, to murder her parents. 

So, on the night of the murder, she asked her boyfriend Charlie and his friend Waid to break into her home & kill her parents. Charlie’s friend accepted this murder and asked for 2k USD as well. So, on that night, Erin, Waid, and Charlie pulled over at Erin’s that night.

The Plot of The Murder & The Execution

It was Charlie and Waid who broke into the house and pulled out a 22-caliber gun to shoot the couple while they were asleep. Terry was injured from the bullet but still, conscious saw the death of his wife. After Charlie & Waid shot Terry, the 22-caliber gun jammed. Hence, they used a samurai sword to kill Penny. 

They decapitated Penny and then shot Matthew in the face. After that, they mercilessly killed Tyler with that samurai sword. Not only that, but they also put the house on fire and fled with valuable items. Thankfully Terry was still alive, so he crawled his way to his neighbor for help and eventually, after surgery, Terry lived to make the confession. 

The Aftermath: Confession & Punishment

There’s no doubt about the fact that this heinous & merciless crime could not have been gone without any proper punishment. So, it was Terry who reported the incident to the officials and said that Charlie was the one who did it. The police then found Erin, Charlie, and others involved. So, at that time, Erin acted as if Charlie was the one who kidnapped her. 

However, Waid & Charlie confessed that it was Erin who was the mastermind of this whole shocking affair. So, we can say that the murderers, Erin, Charlie & Waid are now charged with three capital murders and they are serving lifetime prison. Not only that, but the prosecutors also insisted on death sentences for Waid and Charlie, but Terry requested to save them from ‘death’. At the end of the day, Terry lost everything, his wife, children, and everything he held so dear. 

Confession & Punishment
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1. Who Is Erin Caffey?

Erin Caffey is the infamous teenage girl from Texas who brutally murdered her family. 

2. Who Was Erin Caffey Boyfriend?

Erin Caffey’s boyfriend was Charlie Wilkinson and he was the accomplice to the murder. 

3. How Many Years Did Erin Caffey Get?

According to the sources, Erin got two consecutive life sentences, plus 25 years in prison. 

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