5 Important Things to Keep in Mind for Door Hangers Printing

Door Hangers Printing

Door hangers are without a doubt the most oft-forgotten marketing tool. Ask businesses that have used these for marketing and they’d tell you how great weapon they are in your marketing arsenal. They are cheap to print but add a new dimension to your marketing campaign. So what makes them such a great marketing tool for your business? It is surely their ‘visibility’ and once they are on the doors they are practically impossible to ignore.

A person may miss a poster or a banner placed near the door but they are unlikely to miss the door hanger. But merely printing door hangers won’t add teeth to your marketing campaign. You need to approach designing and printing custom door hangers carefully. Here are five things you need to remember and would serve you good –

  1. Choose printers carefully
    Search for companies offering online printing in California or elsewhere and you’d come across dozens of them. How do you go about choosing the right company for your needs? First, take a look at the kind of experience they have in the industry especially their expertise with printing custom door hangers. Next, you should take a look at the rates and the delivery time that is being promised by the printer. In all likelihood, you are going to get hundreds of door hangers printed at one go.
  1. Attractive designing is vital…
    Your door hangers should grab attention immediately and this is where you need to make sure your design is appealing. As a thumb rule go for brighter shades of colour as they tend to grab attention easily. Ensure there is good contrast between the foreground and the background. Add images and graphics that best represent your business and you are good to go with your campaign.
  1. Shaping it right…
    A door hanger is a door hanger after all and has to hang on the knobs or handle of the door. If it isn’t in perfect shape or there is an imbalance in weight that doesn’t let it hang properly it will turn into an eyesore. This is where it becomes very important for you to get their shape right. When you search for a company that has expertise in printing custom door hangers they’d offer you dozens of choice in form of pre-formatted die-cut templates. You need to choose one that is aligned with your message.
  1. Don’t ignore the back…
    Ask any printer that prints custom door hangers about the biggest mistake businesses make and they would tell without any doubt it is ignoring the back of the door hanger. While there is no doubt that only the front of the door hanger is visible when you hang them on knobs or handles but you can make use of the extra real estate to offer elaborate information to the target audience. The availability of information overleaf can easily be mentioned in front of the door hanger. This allows you to prevent cluttering of information at the front and makes the styling and graphics more appealing.
  1. Offer response cards/discount coupons…
    The idea behind using door hangers for marketing should be to encourage action on part of your target customers. There is no better way to do it by offering direct response cards or discount coupons in the door hangers. Ask your online printing company to separate the discount coupons or response cards through the perforation. This will allow your customers to tear away these coupons or cards which will lead to an action in your favour.

Keep these things in mind when you are going for door hangers designing and printing and you will lend an edge to your marketing campaign.