Rules Rule when Riding an E-Scooter in New Zealand

Riding an E-Scooter

Yes, four-wheeled vehicles do come with a driver’s manual. Then there are road rules and traffic regulations that are not intended to be optional. They are mandatory and must be observed, strictly followed by motorists. The same goes for personal mobility devices like Mearth, Australia’s highly esteemed and well-loved homegrown brand of powerful, state-of-the-art, excellent quality, best electric scooters.

As in Australia, the transportation laws in New Zealand are definite and cannot be trifled with or unheeded.

Previously, an incident involving a councilor that almost got hit by an electric scooter in 2018 had Mayor Phil Goff call for an urgent council report to look at the safety concerns surrounding e-scooters in Auckland and Christchurch.

In retrospect, the Government was also considering a whole range of things as part of the safety review. For his part, Transport Minister Phil Twyford said that safety concerns were raised as electric scooters arrived in New Zealand.

“The safety review are looking at what vehicles could use footpaths and the speed limits of those vehicles on footpaths,” he said.

So where can electric scooters be ridden? 

According to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) e-scooters can be used on the footpath or the road, on cycle paths, as long as they are physically separated by a barrier and are off the road. It’s important to know that electric scooters cannot be ridden in designated cycle lanes. The designated cycle lanes are painted onto the road surface and have no barrier in between. These cycle lanes are for the exclusive use of cyclists.

Electric scooter riders are directed to ride to the far left side of the road, for safety reasons. The main road lanes are for cars.

Are helmets or safety accessories really necessary?

Although wearing a helmet while riding is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for users to wear one, especially if riding under the rain. For those who intend to ride their electric scooter for a longer period, wearing a helmet is strongly advised.

What are the rules and regulations that e-scooter riders must follow? 

  • Wear a helmet while riding
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk
  • Don’t ride downhill
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Age allowed to ride is 18 years or older 
  • Ride at your own risk

Police authorities are wont to advise e-scooter riders to be considerate of other road or footpath users. Riders are also told not to ride fast than is allowed. They were also firmly   warned not to drink and ride, and to always wear a helmet for safety.

Violations of said rules by any person riding an e-scooter recklessly will be meted with charges as it will be endangering others by such irresponsible behavior and action. 

True, authorities are aware that e-scooters were a new thing in Christchurch and Auckland, and that it would take time for people to get used to them and learn how to behave in certain ways with them around, the recent spate of accidents concerning electric scooters have prompted council and Government officials to launch a safety review into electric scooters.

Christchurch City Council transport operations manager Steffan Thomas said the safety challenge was that most e-scooter users took short unplanned trips, rather than rides they prepared for.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford said that safety concerns were raised as electric scooters arrived in New Zealand. The safety review are looking further at what vehicles could use footpaths and the speed limits of those vehicles on footpaths, he said. He agrees that “Councils have the right to make bylaws to regulate these scooters”. 

In consonance with this issue regarding transportation, Mearth’s propitious entry to the New Zealand scene, had the safety issues on electric scooters punctually addressed, handled and resolved. As a socially responsible and staunch pro-environment advocate, Mearth has taken the initiative to provide in-depth training to buyers’ responsible quiescence to e-scooter laws and regulations, warranties, including proper maintenance and basic repair to ensure that their personal mobility device’s lifespan is not abbreviated.

Mearth Technology is unveiling to the New Zealand market an exciting, leading-edge roster of superior performing electric scooters in different categories, namely — Mearth S Series 2023 edition, entry-level, commuter e-scooters, Mearth RS Series 2023 edition, ultimate long-range e-scooters, Mearth GTS EVO Series 2023 edition, on-and-off-terrain, heavy-duty electric scooters, and Mearth Cyber, the futuristic, technologically advanced electric scooter.

Note: Californian company Lime released 600 electric scooters (e-scooters) in Auckland and 400 in Christchurch in 2018, with plans to bring more. The company has begun a rider safety summit recently to teach users about “responsible scooter usage”.

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