What Is Money Piece Hair, And How Do You Get It?

Money Piece Hair

Money Piece Hair On Dark Hair is the latest hair coloring trend that is taking the beauty world by storm. As the name suggests, it involves adding lighter pieces of hair around the face to frame it gorgeously. This style is versatile, low-maintenance, and can make anyone look instantly chic. Read on to find out everything about what money piece hair is, why it is so popular, and how you can get this look.

What Is Money Piece Hair? 

Money piece hair refers to strategically placed highlights around the face – lighter pieces that subtly frame your lovely visage. It is essentially face-framing highlights focused on the front sections of your hair. The money piece can be tiny streaks or larger chunks of lighter-colored hair blending with the rest of your darker tresses.

This technique derives its name from being a relatively affordable way of brightening up your hairstyle and making you look like a million bucks! The money piece hair frames your facial features, instantly draws attention to your eyes, smile, and other striking aspects. 

Unlike full head highlights or global bleach jobs, money piece hair concentrates on partially highlighting hair in the front alone. This focused approach helps minimize damage from frequent chemical processing.

Why Is Money Piece Hair So Popular?

There are several reasons why Money Piece Hair On Dark Hair is currently creating such a buzz in hair salons worldwide:

  • It beautifully frames your face – The strategic placement of lighter pieces around your face illuminates your best features instantly. This radiance can make you look refreshed and more youthful.
  • Low maintenance – Since only the front sections contain highlights, regrowth is far less visible. So you don’t need touch-ups as frequently as an all-over color. 
  • Customizable – You can pick shades that perfectly complement your complexion. For darker manes, lighter honey, caramel or cinnamon highlights work wonderfully. Or make a vibrant style statement with shades of pink, blue or purple!
  • Subtly sexy look – Unlike chunky highlighted strips, money pieces blend attractive lightness into your darker tresses gently. This gives a touch of sunkissed brightness in a very non-jarring way.
  • Affordable – Compared to full highlights covering all your hair, money pieces only use color on strategic sections to give you great bang for buck!
  • Suits all hair lengths – Whether you sport a sharp bob, beautiful blowout or cascading mermaid waves, money piece hair can elevate your style.
  • Universally flattering – Money Piece Hair On Dark Hair works beautifully across all skin tones and ages. From teenagers to mothers, anyone can rock this effortlessly modern look.

How To Get Money Piece Hair? 

While money pieces allow creative self-expression, it is best to get this done professionally at a salon at first. An experienced colorist will know how to place the highlights in the most flattering way for your face shape. They can also advise on shades that will complement your natural hair color and complexion beautifully.

Here is a quick overview of how money piece hair highlights are done:

  • Sectioning – Your stylist sections out the front pieces of hair around your face to isolate them before coloring. The rest of your hair is clipped away securely.
  • Lightening – Next, they skillfully apply bleach or hair lightener on the sectioned out strands to lift color. How light they take the pieces depends on your desired final shade. 
  • Toning – Once sufficiently lightened, a toner is used to cancel brassiness and impart the chosen hair color – whether a glistening platinum or a violet-kissed pastel pink! 
  • Styling – Finally, your money pieces are blended seamlessly with the rest of your hair and styled into polished perfection! 

Over time, as your hair grows out, you can get root touch up and trims to maintain your money pieces freshness. Alternatively, you can transition to a new hair hue by having your full head colored.

DIY Money Piece Hair At Home

Want to try money pieces hair yourself in between salon visits? Or on a budget? It is possible to do this trend safely at home with good prep and the right products:

  • Research techniques properly before attempting it on your own. Watch tutorial videos to understand the lightening and coloring process.
  • Invest in a quality highlighting or bleaching kit meant for home use. Choose one designed specifically for money pieces with everything nicely packaged up ready to go.
  • Be extremely careful with application. Follow all instructions carefully. Wear gloves, prep hair well and apply petroleum jelly on skin around hairline to prevent irritation or staining. 
  • Lighten hair very gradually – by just a couple of shades lighter per session. Attempting drastic lightening in one go can damage hair severely. 
  • Use a toner suited to the level of lightness achieved on your hair to cancel brassiness. Pick a color enhancing gloss or semi-permanent hair dye to tint money pieces.
  • Finish by conditioning hair intensively and protect it well going forward with repairing masks. Also minimize use of hot tools.

While DIY money pieces offer the satisfaction of self-styling your hair, the results may not match a professional colorist’s work. So balance your at-home highlighting sessions by still seeing your stylist a few times a year for stunning maintenance!

Stunning Money Piece Ideas On Dark Hair

Stunning Money Piece Ideas On Dark Hair

If Money Piece Hair On Dark Hair seems intriguing to you, check out these ultra-modern looks that will ensure all eyes are on your fabulous face!

For bold drama:

Blood Red Money Pieces – Make heads turn with intense crimson highlights against lush dark tresses falling to your waist. Wear your hair poker straight to showcase the electrifying color play.

Mermaid Teal Curls – For enchanting color contrast, ask for hand-painted pastel teal money pieces. Pair these face-framing accents with big, bouncy curls in chocolate brown or jet black hair.

Purple Peekaboo Strands – Weave thin, vivid violet highlights into a neat French braid hairstyle with the rest of your hair cascading around it in espresso brown richness. The effect is subtly striking!

For chic elegance: 

Champagne Blonde Money Pieces – Frame a sleek angular bob haircut with smooth and straight golden champagne blonde highlights. This money piece hair idea oozes modern sophistication. 

Butterscotch Brunette Lob – Long bobs, also called lobs, are very on-trend and incredibly flattering. Make yours shine with fine butterscotch blonde money pieces painted around your jawline to illuminate your flawless base makeup.

Cinnamon And Silver – For rose gold glam, ask your colorist for warm cinnamon streaks interspersed with frosty silver pieces of hair near your face. Great for bringing life to medium or dark brown straight hair this holiday season.

Money piece hair allows you to transform your look dramatically without a major hair makeover or high maintenance routines. Strategically placed lighter pieces can spotlight your happy eyes, glowing cheeks and fabulous bone structure instantly. 

It is an easy yet effective trick to refresh your hairstyle and keep up with hair color trends. So go ahead and book your next salon visit to get signature money piece highlights that play up your gorgeous best self!