10 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategies That’ll Bring In New Business


Social media has taken the world by storm. With multiple platforms like Instagram and Facebook, interactions and marketing campaigns are now much easier to run. Tiktok has grown so dramatically that many big companies cannot ignore its marketing potential anymore. Realtor agencies like the Pro Team, for example, have a significant online presence that facilitates their transactions.

While harnessing the power of social media is great, it can get very overwhelming. Many real estate agents make the mistake of trying to appeal to all age groups and categories. However, this does not make sense from a budgetary perspective. Running paid advertisements is more effective than free ones. It makes little sense, for example, to advertise real estate properties on an Instagram page for a clothing line. It is highly unlikely that an audience looking for apparel would suddenly gain interest in purchasing houses.

Keep these ideas in mind as you run your strategies on social media platforms;

1. Create A Relevant Facebook Group

Many real estate agents know the tremendous marketing potential of Facebook. Join a Facebook group of those interested in buying or selling their homes. Such communities can give you some insight into the general market trends at a particular time.

A general trend is to buy a house earlier in the year. However, this trend may not apply to your local area. Joining a Facebook group helps you to keep tabs on local trends and advertise accordingly. Alternatively, you can also create your own Facebook group if no such groups exist for properties in your local area.

2. Harness The Power Of Video Content On Social Media

The popularity of TV shows and programs related to real estate has soared over the past two decades. This trend demonstrates that video content is a powerful marketing strategy. People not interested in purchasing a house can still browse such channels, at least for the entertainment value.

Create professional-standard videos of home tours and video interviews with real estate agents. This strategy can create significant awareness for the properties you have on the market, especially in your local area.

3. Use Linkedin To Contact Prospective Buyers

Any marketing strategy, at its core, involves creating connections and building trust and relationships. LinkedIn is predominantly a platform for professional networking and helping a business acquire talent efficiently. However, it can be just as effective in connecting home buyers with real estate agencies.

Creating a strong brand awareness should be the primary goal when using Linkedin. You want to position yourself or your real estate agency as a credible source of information, an industry expert that potential homeowners can turn to for reliable advice about buying or selling homes.

4 .Coordinate Several Social Media Advertisement Campaigns To Achieve Multiple Goal

Facebook and Instagram ads are critical to any online real estate marketing strategy. Your current audience may not provide enough awareness; paid ads become the next best thing. Running ads to achieve specific milestones is more likely to generate more leads. When you run such ads simultaneously, it becomes more effective. You end up creating more brand awareness for your real estate business in one go.

5 .Specific Targeted Ads

Different demographics react differently to a particular advertising campaign. When it comes to social media platforms, using specific parameters to refine your target area and demographics can significantly increase the number of potential customers. Admittedly, refining your ads to a specific target audience will cost more in terms of advertisement costs. This cost is justified if it can help you sell more homes, meaning more profits.

6 .Share Homeowner Testimonials On Social Media

Many real estate agencies have had an upsurge in potential clients because of happy homeowners publicly mentioning a particular realtor. Buying a home is a time-consuming process. Many potential homeowners would rather avoid the gamble of enlisting the services of an untested realtor. Posting stories of happy homeowners on your social media page shows potential customers your knowledge and credibility, meaning more business.

7. Real Estate Educational Content On Social Media

Most people go on social media for passing time; however, occasional educational content can go a long way toward creating awareness for your business. Creating an insightful ( and fun) blog post with numerous colorful house photos will help your marketing campaign tremendously.

8. Build Your Online Reputation

The importance of this strategy cannot be overstated. Creating a business page specifically for showcasing your past success will help you build and solidify trust with potential home buyers.

9. Use Relevant Hashtags

Location tags and hashtags help to create more brand awareness for your real estate agency. This is especially relevant for people specifically looking for real estate listings in your local area.

10. Filter Your Social Media Strategy Based On Results

Not all your marketing endeavors will be successful. You must revise your strategy based on the feedback; how many leads you have generated and homes successfully sold (or not).