Sell My House Fast California Tips That Will Get You Great Prices

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A common question in online search engines is “how can I sell my house fast?” Perhaps, that is also why you are here!

Selling a home is often one of the most stressful processes for many homeowners. This is heightened when you need a quick home sale.

If you are asking how to sell your home faster, owners need to look into certain things to ensure everything goes according to plan. Typically, a California homeowner will do an online search such as “how to sell my house fast California area,” when there is a financial hardship.

Here are ideas that may help you when looking at liquidating your house fast. Following these tips and advice puts you in an excellent position to make that sale.

Find Top Local Real Estate Agents

The best form of recommendation is a proven record of success. Many homeowners will turn to real estate agents when selling property.

The process may involve a lot of communication and paperwork between the seller and the buyer, but it is still popular for various reasons. A critical ingredient here is not picking the first agent you come across but choosing the best one.

You want the help of one of the top agents in California to sell your house fast. Do your due diligence and interview several agents to find the best sell house fast company in your locality.

Some questions to ask during the interview include:

  • How have you been in the real estate industry?
  • How many homes have you sold over the past year?

The right answers will help weed out the losers from the winners. Pay attention to the listing price ratio and average market days. These are statistics that tell you about the agent’s ability to move your home fast.

Why Agents Sell Homes Faster and For More Money than FSBOs

Selling your house through an agent puts more money in your bank. For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) sell for less than agent-assisted home sales!

This difference can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars. The National Association of Realtors estimates FSBO homes sold for $217k compared to $295k for agent-sold properties in 2018.

Other sellers opt for flat fee MLS agencies with the notion that it’s the same as hiring a full-service, performing real estate agent. Wrong! Listing your house in the MLS with no other services comes with several disadvantages.

When selling your house fast, a real estate agent might not give it the priority you seek. For this reason, you must choose an experienced real estate agency such as Property Escape. They come with lots of experience and an excellent track record!

Working with the best real estate agents ensures you run into fewer problems and your home sells faster. They know how and where to sell your home for a swift transaction.

How To Sell my House Fast California Real Estate Agents Do It

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Real estate agent shaking hands with a couple after purchasing a home Image Source :

How fast your house sells depends on several factors, including:

  • The local market conditions such as the number of local homes on sale
  • The state of the economy
  • The interest rates

That said, selling your home through real estate agents can be fast. The average home sells within as little as 22 days. The right marketing plan can boost your house to a position it’s involved in a bidding war.

However, your situation and local conditions might vary. Choose a real estate agent capable of tailoring their service to your needs. This ensures they change how they approach marketing your property, set the correct price, and offer you information on staging.

Other things the agent does to make sure your home sells quickly are:

  • Accurate pricing from day one
  • Create detailed and attractive listing descriptions
  • Take exceptional photos of your property
  • Create a comprehensive offline and online marketing plan
  • Ensure they optimize the property for most views on websites buyers frequently visit

All these tasks ensure you get as close to the fair market value as possible. Expert real estate agents follow these steps to make sure the property arrives at the closing table fast.

How You Can Help

Whether you are selling fast for a personal situation or planning to move, you can increase the marketability of your buy my house for cash California listing. Here’s how to help real estate agents decrease property time on the market and attract strong offers.

Clean and declutter

A definite must to making a fast sale is increasing the home’s interior appeal to buyers. These includes:

  • Getting a storage unit and packing large furnishings or extra belongings to make the rooms appear less messy or crowded
  • Organizing closets to give the impression that your home has plenty of storage space
  • Removing belongings like religious items, keepsakes, and family photos that may distract buyers
  • Doing a deep clean of every room in the home

Handle Quick repairs

You might not have time to carry out major renovations, but easy fixes can deter potential buyers, these include:

  • Loose tiles
  • Leaky faucets
  • Scratched or peeled paint
  • Loose door handles

Minor upgrades such as the application of a fresh coat of paint inside and installing new hardware on bathroom and kitchen cabinets can make your house look better. Consider swapping out any outdated light fixtures as well.

Increase curb appeal

Making a good first impression is critical. How you stage your home and landscape the yard might be the difference between making a sale or not.

Consider hiring a stager to speed up making rooms and spaces appear larger. A professional will also bring their décor and furniture to highlight the best features of the house while making it feel welcoming and warm.

Where speed is important, bring in a professional landscaper to:

  • Clear paths and walkways
  • Sweep away debris and spiderwebs from the front porch
  • Repaint the front door
  • Trim overgrown tree branches, shrubs, and hedges

When you need to sell your house fast

It is possible for your “sell my house fast California” online search to yield results quickly. But choosing to work with a professional can help avoid reducing the price too much.

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