Takeaway Tips To Know If Blue Light Glasses Are Genuine!

Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light glasses have been one of the latest innovations in the healthcare sector! These glasses are the most convenient way to actively block the incoming light while ensuring you get the most of a safe digital experience. 

However, the latest events across the lens industry have been concerning. Several users have complained about their blue light glasses being ineffective. In addition, users complained about facing symptoms even after using the glasses.

Do you feel the same? In case you do, the chances are that you might have received a fake product. Therefore, continue reading as we walk you through some takeaway tips shared to help you understand if blue light glasses are genuine or not!

Why Should You Test The Blue Light Glasses You Wear? 

Not all blue light glasses are made equal! Unfortunately, many glasses brands aren’t doing what they’re supposed to. In addition, it’s challenging to test blue light glasses correctly without a costly spectrum analyzer, costing upwards of £10,000.

However, you may do a few things at home to test your blue light glasses. This way, you’ll be able to know if you’re wearing the best blue light blocking glasses or the finest computer glasses available.

In the following section, let’s look at some at-home testing options for your blue light spectacles. 

Tests For Your Blue Light Glasses

  • Opt For Lens Reflection Test:

Put on your computer glasses and notice what color of light is reflected off the lenses. If blue light reflects off of them, you can be sure they’re filtering some blue light. On the other hand, if the reflection appears violet or purple, it means that blue light isn’t being filtered properly. This is one of the best and effortless ways to test the true nature of your blue light glasses at home.

  • Use The Sky To Test Your Filter

It’s as easy as it seems. Wait for a clear day and point your glasses skyward. The lenses appear clear when worn commonly; however, when filtering the necessary 30% blue light, they have a little yellow tinge. 

  • Trust The Professionals

You might often find it challenging to test the blue light lenses! This is where the expertise of trusted professionals comes into the picture. Since it’s impossible and unfeasible to run every test yourself, buy it from trusted sources. 

Now You Know!

So that’s your takeaway to all the different ways you’ll be able to carry out the blue light glasses test at home. However, when trying these glasses, always try going for trusted sellers such as SmartBuyGlasses UK.