Difference Between A Motorcycle and Electric Bikes

Difference Between A Motorcycle and Electric Bikes

With the rate e-bikes are gaining popularity at high speed, it is only natural for individuals to make comparisons with its counterparts. One of the popular comparisons is between electric bikes and motorcycles. Not only are people skeptical about the function of E-bike, but they also make this comparison to decipher which is worth spending their money on. At the same time, others who already own a motorcycle are thinking of transitioning into e-bikes. Hence, the comparisons. 

The major difference between an E-bike and a motorcycle can be found in how they are being ridden. 

Ebikes are majorly paddled the exact way traditional push-bikes are paddled, with assistance from the electric motor (engine) 

Motorbikes have no paddling involved. Every movement the motorbike makes is strictly based and controlled by its throttle. 

However, the differences between these two vehicles do not end here. Keep reading to find out more. 

Electric Bikes

Nine Major Differences Between E-Bikes and Motorcycles

  • Speed

It is no wonder why this is the first to be considered when comparing these two vehicles. Nobody wants to waste their money on a slow vehicle that takes forever to arrive at a particular destination, especially when they are using it as a means for transportation to various places like work, meetings, etc. 

In comparison to electric bicycles, motorcycles are faster, as they were initially built for speed. A lot of motorcycles reach approximately 60 miles per hour, with over 100-150 mph. Ebikes, on the other hand, runs at a clumsy 20 mph. 

For racers and individuals that naturally enjoy driving a few miles per hour, it is advisable to purchase a motorcycle instead of an E-bike. 

  • Maintenance

When compared with motorcycles, e-bikes generally cost less in maintenance and repairs. This is because e-bikes have smaller components than motorcycles; thus, they are less likely to malfunction, and if they do, it is easier for repairs to be made. 

Furthermore, when various parts of an E-bike crashes, they can easily be swapped for a new one. This is not the case with motorcycles, as they require more attention from an expert before being taken to the road again. 

  • Regulations

As a motorcycle rider, the presence of your driver’s permit and insurance is always required. Basically, motorcycle riders are to strictly adhere to the same laws every truck drivers follow, and anywhere they are found wanting, they face the same penalties. 

As an E-bike rider, you are not required to ride with any of these things. 

  • Cost

Commuting electric bikes are less expensive when compared to motorcycles. The cost of motorcycles is over the roof, and we’re talking above $6000 for a single motorcycle. Whereas electric bikes barely even cost up to a thousand dollars. Even the high-cost e-bikes are still not up to the cost of motorcycles. 

Not just purchase, as a rider, you have to consider other factors like licensing fees, insurance, maintenance, and repairs, etc. Considering all of these costs, owning a motorcycle is great, but for someone with a low budget, settle for an E-bike; it’s cheaper. 

  • Fuel

A lot of motorcycles need fuel before they can run. Ebikes do not; they only need their batteries charged. This is another means of saving money if you go with an e-bike. In the long run, the money you would have spent on gasoline, fuel, etc., can be used to upgrade your E-bike, giving you nothing but the complete best to ride on.

This does not mean that the process of charging an e-bike’s battery doesn’t take some cash; it does. However, it is nothing when compared to the amount that motorcycles spend on fuel every day. 

In addition, many petrol stations have added charging posts for e-bikes to their facility. And most of these posts are free. 

  • Parking space

Just like real vehicles, motorcycles also need parking spaces and are charged when not parked right. 

In contrast to this, e-bikes can just be placed next to normal bicycles. Furthermore, most e-bikes are foldable to be carried into the facility or kept at any spot, unlike motorcycles. 

  • Exercise

Electric bikes are the best option for riders looking for a way to flex their muscles. With e-bikes, you paddle. This paddling process offers strain to the body and thus serves as a means of workout for riders, unlike with motorcycles, where you have to sit back and barely move your body. 

  • Commuting

When contrasting these two vehicles, electric bikes are the best and perfect bet for computing. Why? They are fast, simple, reliable, and are far from subject to road delays and commercial road accidents. However, they both have the advantage of going beside cars during heavy traffic or roadblocks. Regardless of this, the fact remains that a rider has more travel options when going with an electric bike than a motorcycle, majorly because motorcycles are restricted to roads, and e-bikes have no restrictions. 

Therefore it is safe to say that in today’s society, fast vehicles are not necessarily a fast way of commuting. 

  • Clothing

The clothes an E-bike rider has to wear differs from that which a motorcycle rider should wear. By law, motorcycle riders must wear a car crash helmet at all times and protective clothes; without it, they are fined. The reason for this law revolves around the speed at which motorcycles run on the road. Speed is prone to accident, hence the attire for prevention. 

With an E-bike, although it is safer to wear a helmet, it is nearly not a necessity. The same thing applies to clothing. Ebikes riders are given the freedom to wear whatever they please as long as it keeps them safe and comfortable; the law has no problem with it. 

However, I strongly advise every rider, E-bike, motorcycle, and all over vehicles to ride safely and always wear a helmet and protective clothing to avoid mayhem on the road while riding. 


Although motorcycles are huge, cute, and fast, e-bikes are a perfect form of light and transportation as they have the free will to run on places motorcycles can’t. Are you a rider thinking about where to invest money and what vehicle you should get between the two? I sincerely hope this article has thrown various lights and you have a clearer picture of which to go for now. Cheers to a great ride!

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