October Holidays And Observances To Know Holidays in October

October Holidays

Now that September is coming to an end, it’s time to welcome October, the month of festivities. People know October as the month of holidays because every day there is something to cherish, something to celebrate. If you want to know about the October holidays, then you are at the right place. 

As we know, it’s the season that’s more than your Halloween costume. From the Navaratri of Indians to the Halloween of the west and around the world, there are plenty of special occasions that enamor this month of festivities. 

Holidays in October
Young girls in Halloween costumes

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that from religious to cultural celebrations, there are also a few national days dedicated to food items and whatnot. The beginning of October starts with a bang, the Yom Kippur, one of the most famous Jewish Holidays. In addition, there are also celebrations such as Diwali, Navaratri, Halloween, etc. With lights, fireworks, and prayer, the entire planet celebrates this month like no other. 

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As we said earlier, throughout the month there are a lot of activities that we see. In addition, to Halloween, there are also days like Pumpkin Day, Candy Corn Day, etc. Well, no wonder it’s difficult to memorize all the special days in October. So, if you want to know more about this month, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will mention everything that you need to know about the holidays in October and their special observances.

Here Are The Holiday List In October

So, as we said earlier, October is a month that provides you with a lot of fun and mirth. It’s because, this month, we have a lot of celebrations in every corner of the world. So, if you are curious about this month’s holiday list, then without fruhter ado, let’s take a look at some of the October holidays.

October 1

The first day of October falls on Saturday and a lot of celebrations take place on this day. From International Day of older persons, coffee day, spice day, music day, and world vegetarian day, there is much more to add. It’s also Chinese National day. Moreover, this day also marks the beginning of Durga puja festivities in India. 

October 2

On the 2nd Oct, we know that it’s global non-violence day. In addition, it’s also world communion Sunday. A lot of people also tell us that it’s Guardian angels day. 

October 3

Next, on the list of holidays in October, we celebrate Butterfly and Hummingbird day, Mean girls day, national unity day, national consignment day, world habitat day, and more. 

October 4

So, we mentioned earlier that a lot of days in October center around food items. So, that’s why, 4th Oct celebrates Taco, Vodka, Fruit, Cinnamon Roll, etc. Moreover, it also marks the beginning of Yor Kippur. 

October 5

So, Oct 5th marks Dasara, world teachers day, apple betty day, kale day, etc. 

October 6

This is another day where people celebrate a lot of cultural festivals. For instance, it’s National coaches day, Noodle day, and Cerebral palsy day. 

October 7

If you are looking for holidays in October, then let us tell you that October 7th calls for world smile day. Moreover, it’s also kids’ music day and national inner beauty day. 

October 8

Oct 8th marks International lesbian day, National Chess day, and also Milad an Nabi. 

October 9

As per the sources, on this day, people celebrate World Post day, Pastor Appreciation, etc. 

October 10

It’s world mental health day, Columbus day, world porridge day, and world homeless day. 

October 11

Next, we have National Coming Out day, International Day of the Girl Child, It’s My Party day, etc. 

October 12

Well, it’s famous for Farmer’s day, national savings day, world arthritis day, National gumbo day, national pet obesity day, etc.

October 13

So, Oct 13 marks the International day for disaster reduction. Moreover, it’s also the US navy birthday, National no bra day, National M&M day, etc. 

October 14

This is famous as the national dessert day, world egg day, and world standards day. 

October 15

If you want to know about holiday that fall on the 15th, let us tell you that we have a lot of holidays and observance days. For instance, we have global handwashing day, national Latino aids awareness day, National music day, etc. 

October 16

It’s Global cat day, world spine day, and dictionary day. 

October 17

It’s famous for black poetry day, national pasta day, etc. 

October 18

Next, we have days like National menopause day, national no beard day, health care aide day, etc. 

October 19

It’s famous for LGBT center awareness day, Evaluate your life day and day of unity. 

October 20

International Chefs day, spirit day, conflict resolution day. 

October 21

National mammogram day, national apple day, back to the future day. 

October 22

National nut day,  Make a difference day. 

October 23

So, next, we have National mole day, croc day, iPod day, etc. 

October 24

It’s National food day, united nations day, etc. 

October 25

So, next, we have international artist day, world pasta day, and sourest day. 

October 26

It’s famous for national pumpkin day, lung health day, and national day of the deployed. 

October 27

Next, we have National American beer day, Black cat day, navy day, etc. 

October 28

It’s National immigrants day, National chocolate day, and breadstick day.

October 29

If you are curious, then let us tell you that it’s National Cat day, trick or treat day, and also internet day. 

October 30

It’s famous for national checklist day, publicist day, and text your ex day. 

October 31

Last but not least on the list of October holidays, we end the month of October on a high with Halloween, world savings day, and reformation day. Moreover, on the funny side, it’s also the national knock-knock joke day.

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