Some Information About The Woodman’s Food Market

Woodman's Food Market
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Are you looking to work at Woodman’s Food Markets? Have you considered that a career plan? We understand that finding the best job for yourself can be difficult. Firstly, we need to check the place’s rating. Secondly, we have to look at the pay and working hours. Thirdly, how suitable the job is for us. And lastly, basic facts about the company and employee or ex-employees reviews.   

If you are thinking of taking up a job at Woodman’s Food Market, we are here for you. We will tell you the information you need before applying. Stay with us to know more.

Some details about the company

Some details about the company
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Woodman’s Food Market was founded in 1919. Firstly, it is a very big employer in the US. This is because it gives employment to over 1,001 to 5,000 employees. Secondly, the yearly revenue here is $1B to $5B (USD). Thirdly, the company’s focus is grocery stores. Meanwhile, we hear that the CEO of Woodman’s Food Market, Phil Woodman, has an employee approval of 70%. The headquarters of this company is at 2631 Liberty Lane, Janesville WI 53545. These were some of the statistical details for you.  

Employees satisfaction working here

If you are looking for a job for yourself then this section is very important for you. Here we will tell you about various things a worker might need. Then we will tell you if the market fulfills them. You might call this section, the employee’s happiness score. Some authentic sites collected information by asking the current and ex-employees about their experience working here.

The score of workers happiness at the Woodman’s Food Market is 54. However, that is a below-average rating. Next, we will talk about the major benefits of working here(based on actual interviews that some media persons took). And also some problem areas too.

Benefits of working there

Benefits of working there
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Various sites have given authentic information about some areas. When we explore those areas, we come across some of the other things the employees said about their experiences. Here are three of them:

  • Fair pay for each employee

Some media channels asked them to respond to this statement ‘I am paid fairly for my work.’, ex and present workers at Woodman’s Food Market responded in the affirmative. Of the 220 respondents, 57% said that they either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement. For this particular point the score from the workers was 71. That is an above average score.

  • They could meet all their personal goals

When some media channels asked them to respond to this statement ‘I am achieving most of my goals at work.’, both the ex and present employees were very enthusiastic. In fact, the present ones at Woodman’s Food Market responded positively. Of the 195 respondents, 48% said they strongly agreed or agreed with the statement. Here we see that the score was more than average. It was around 64. That is something to consider.

  • The company appreciated their efforts

Lastly, when the media channels asked them the final question, ‘There are people at work who appreciate me as a person.’, ex and current employees at Woodman’s Food Market responded enthusiastically. Of the 206 respondents, 43% said that they either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement. The aggregate score here was pretty high( around 62) that we can call above average.

So by these, we see that market has made their workers very happy. In fact, they have kept in mind whatever an employee might need at every step. 

A few problem areas 

A few problem areas 
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Although most of the points are fantastic about the market, there are certain problem areas. For example, some workers complained that they have a lot of stress during working hours. This means that they get a lot of work pressure most of the time. Many workers have agreed with him.

Similarly, another said that they do not get the time and location flexibility. In fact, 65% of the employees agreed with him. These are two of the major areas of the problem, and Woodman’s must solve the problem. Other than that, we have given you the reviews. 


Although recently we can see slight issues, the market has kept its good name still now. We hope that they continue to satisfy the consumers and workers in the future. 

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