In What Ways AR Can Benefit The Education Industry


By the term AR or Augmented Reality, we mean an enhancement or an extension of real life. From the viewpoint of technology, it implies overlay or layering of 3D and 2D graphics with respect to the real world objects. Contrary to VR or Virtual Reality, AR consists of real-life elements and also it does not involve any high-end devices or headsets. AR can be best experienced using your mobile devices and its camera.
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In this post, we will talk about some ways through which AR can improve the process of education.
Because of the amazing scope of AR, industries are eagerly looking to avail their services to yield better output. Education is considered as one of the prime industries which have the responsibility of enriching the human thought process. Thus upgradation can result in discoveries, inventions, research and development etc. The education industry needs the best of technology advancements to enable learners to know the concepts or the subject in depth.

Now let us see how AR is suitable for the education industry

In simple terms, there are four basic elements of education industry-communication channel, learners, information/knowledge and teachers.  By education, we mean knowledge transfer and sharing from the source to the receiver using the communication medium. Education involves a flow of learning from the sources of the teachers to the receivers who are the learners or the students.
On one hand, while the learners and the teachers can be categorized as human components, on the other hand, the communication channels which is an important intermediary is a blend of resources. The actual impact of learning can be best felt with respect to the channels of communication. So if properly managed the communication medium can actually improve the entire experience of learning.
From the following points, you can well ascertain the benefits of AR technology for today’s education.
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Better access to information: Use of modern technologies like AR has enabled students and educational institutions to get engaged in the education process in an interactive way. By using AR-enabled prospectus, the institutions can strengthen their admission process by providing glimpses of campus life, culture, course curriculum, and other facilities offered. In this way, the students can have a fair idea about their institution prior to their joining. Also, AR technology can help students who have already taken admissions by conducting a remote session for orientation. Thus the students can get familiarize with the new environment and can feel motivated to study in full swing. It is expected that in the coming time AR can be more prominent in this sector if it introduces treasure hunt games for the new entrants for induction purpose.
Learning flexibility: With the usage of AR in the education field, learning possibilities have undergone a sea change throughout the world. Now learning is not confined to within the four corners of the classroom. In fact, this new technique has facilitated students and learners to receive education at any corners of the globe according to their convenience. This type of learning especially benefits those who want to pursue learning either for their personal aspirations or for professional growth. People who have their own businesses can also apply to get trained by legitimate consultants from all over the world. Such training is mainly conducted during the weekends and can be better experienced using AR technologies. This technology is widely appreciated because of its ability to eliminating commuting and time issues.
Quality material for learning: The quality of the learning material helps in enhancing the final outcome. Students can be attracted and retained provided that the quality of the study materials should be good and interactive. Using AR techniques education can be imparted to learners of all ages. You can incorporate 3D graphics, effective use of animation and sound, GPS features in your educational contents to offer a realistic feel. Thus the AR-based material is considered a boon for the students and the learners.
Makes complex tasks safer: If you are eager to acquire uncommon or risky skills, opt for AR facilities. With this technology, you can easily experience the practical implications of many crucial things which you can learn in theory. For instance: If you want to learn flying an aircraft then this mode is quite apt. Similarly, many Biology and Chemistry concepts can be thoroughly grasped using AR tools. Moreover, AR can also help you in exploring interactive opportunities without involving the hazardous consequence.
Conclusion: AR as an innovative technology has created a deep impact in transforming today’s education. It creates an interactive ambience for the learners so that the education process becomes more intense and engaging. You can consult an AR app development company to create purposeful educational apps for the targeted audience.
Author Bio: Mr Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a popular mobile application development company. Being a tech lover, he constantly tries to incorporate new techniques such as AR to bring in changes in our education process. In his free time, Mr Roy loves to read and write articles online dealing with AR advantages for the education sector.