Who Is EddieVan Halen’s wife? Important Facts About Janie Liszewski

Janie Liszewski

Who Is EddieVan Halen’s wife?

Janie Liszewski was the wife of Eddie Van. Recently, Janie became popular over the net. And the people are very confused about how she came into the spotlight suddenly. The reason might be the death of his spouse, Eddie. He was the best guitarist who died of cancer on October 6, 2020. He left the world in sadness with his death news.

Let us discuss Janie and his early life in this article. Additionally, will discuss her career and other important facts.

Janie Liszewski Early Life & The Reason For Her Popularity:

Janie was born in 1970. There is no data regarding her parents and siblings. But she was raised in Pennsylvania, United States. She entered the entertainment industry as a stunt woman and pro wrestler. She is most popular for her work in 

  • Dusk Till Dawn
  • Bubble Boy

The sudden death of the guitarist, Eddie, shattered the people. After his death, the couple is coming on headlines all over the world. Even the media revealed some of their untold stories. The big news about them is the couple’s love and support for each other. Since she is also coming on headlines; she became popular all of a sudden.

Janie And Eddie’s Wedding:

In 1981, Eddie married Valarie Bertinelli. With her, Eddie had two sons in 1991. However, the couple was not happy and they decided to get a divorce in 2001. 

In 2007, the couple officially got their divorce and at that time, Eddie was dating Janie. In 2008, Eddie proposed to Janie in a private room at Tiffany, Hawaii. They went for a vacation where he proposed surprisingly.

In 2009, the couple tied the knot in front of a few relatives and friends. They conducted a small and simple wedding ceremony.

Janie’s Major Upset News In 2020:

Janie became popular on the net, not for any good reason. But she became popular after losing her brother and spouse. At first, she lost her brother, Tom Liszewski for which she posted an image. She shared a photograph in which Janie and her brother were there. Janie shared this image on Instagram along with the caption ‘Rest In Peace Tom June 17th, 2020 #mybrother.’

Soon after that, Janie Liszewski lost her spouse, Eddie in October 2020. This created a big loss in Janie’s life.


As already said, Janie is a pro wrestler and stunt woman. She is also an actress in the entertainment industry. Janie is much popular for her experience in the industry. She even owned a company named ‘High Profile Media.’ Here candidates can explore their talent and work on it particularly.

Her company’s candidates have a great option to join other leading companies, producers, and directors.

What Happened To Janie Liszewski Now?

Janie became popular after getting on the headlines. She was suffering from health issues. In 2019, she was tested for thyroids for her abnormal nodules. At first, the doctor explained that it may be cancerous cells. But later, after doing some tests, they confirmed it as non-cancerous cells.


As of now, Janie Liszewski is a publicist and owns a company ‘High Profile Media.’ Thus, she is working busily to forget her bad past.