Are Motor Vehicle Accidents Covered Under Worker’s Comp. Insurance?

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you are injured, your worker’s compensation insurance should cover your medical expenses and lost wages. But what if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident while traveling for work? Is that covered under worker’s comp.?

The answer is yes – motor vehicle accidents are generally covered under worker’s comp insurance like Cerity. However, there are some exceptions, so you must check with your insurance provider to ensure you are fully protected. Here are some common situations in which motor vehicle accidents are covered under worker’s comp.

Traveling Insurance Agents

Worker’s compensation insurance is essential for insurance agents, who often travel to meet with clients. If an agent is involved in a car accident while on the job, worker’s compensation will cover their medical expenses and lost wages. In some cases, it may also cover the cost of damage to their vehicle. This coverage is vital for protecting agents in an accident and helps to ensure they can continue doing their jobs without financial worry.

Delivery Trucks

Delivery trucks are one of the many motor vehicles covered under worker’s comp insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage for injured employees while operating a motor vehicle for work purposes. Delivery trucks are particularly prone to accidents due to their large size and frequent travel on busy roads.

Moreover, delivery truck drivers often work long hours and may be fatigued, increasing the risk of an accident. If a delivery truck driver is involved in an accident, worker’s comp insurance will provide coverage for medical expenses and lost wages. In addition, the insurance may also cover the cost of repairing or replacing the delivery truck.

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Driving From One Worksite To Another

Driving from one worksite to another is one of the many motor vehicle accidents covered under worker’s compensation insurance. If you drive for work-related purposes and get into an accident, your worker’s compensation insurance will cover the damages.

This includes damages to your vehicle, as well as any injuries that you may have incurred. Worker’s compensation insurance will sometimes cover lost wages if you cannot work due to your injuries. So, if you are in a motor vehicle accident while driving from one worksite to another, don’t worry – your worker’s compensation insurance has you covered.

Driving Another Employee For Business Purposes

Lastly, one motor vehicle accident covered under worker’s compensation insurance is if you are driving another employee for business purposes. For example, if you are a delivery driver and are picking up a co-worker to help with deliveries and get into an accident, your injuries would be covered under worker’s compensation.

This is because you were driving for work-related purposes. Another example would be if you are a salesperson and you go to meet a client and get into an accident on the way, your injuries would also be covered. Worker’s compensation insurance protects injured employees while performing their job duties, regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

Get Cerity Worker’s Comp Insurance: Wrap Up

Although this article has focused on the most common types of accidents covered under worker’s comp insurance like Cerity, it is essential to remember that many other types of accidents can occur in the workplace. If you have been injured in an accident at work and are unsure if you are covered, please consult with an attorney specializing in workers’ compensation law.

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