The Best DSLR microphone – A Headphones Pro Review 2023

DSLR microphone
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With the growing popularity of vlogs and the growth of social media, DSLR microphone has become an important thing to consider. If you scroll through Youtube, you will surely see numerous channels where people conduct interviews or post vlogs. In fact, in most of those videos, you will find that the audio of the recorded videos is full-bodied and distinct. Moreover, nowadays, people also shoot short films and music videos using DSLRs. Therefore, for these purposes, apart from maintaining great picture quality, you also need to focus on capturing the dialogues and sound properly.

This is where a proper microphone for DSLR becomes even more essential. Though you might suggest that DSLRs have in-built mics, their recording capability is not up to the mark. In this growingly competitive world, you need to ensure proper audio and video qualities, if you wish your creation to gain attention. Therefore, you must think of investing in a good microphone for your DSLR

There are many options available on the market and most of them are really good, when it comes to recording sounds properly. However, you might wish to know about the best options to choose from. Therefore, go through this article to know about the list of best microphones for DSLR. 

The List Of Best DSLR Microphones 

The List Of Best DSLR Microphones 
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1. RODE VideoMic Pro

This is definitely a great DSLR camera microphone on the market. In fact, RODE is known for its microphones. If you prefer a lightweight and smaller microphone, then this is your perfect choice. This is a shotgun-type mic, which comes with a horseshoe mount. This mount enables you to fit the mic on the top of the camera. 

As far as its physical dimensions are concerned, let me inform you that it measures 15 cm in length and 86 grams in weight. Moreover, the sound quality and capturing capacity of this mic are really impressive. 

2. RODE Videomic Pro+

This shotgun-type microphone by RODE is definitely a top choice for a microphone for DSLR. While talking about microphones, we generally focus on sound balance, noise cancellation, noise isolation and clarity. In all these departments, you will find very few mics as capable as the VIdeomic Pro+. 

This mic gives you the option to select strength settings of -10dB, 0dB, or +20dB. In addition, it offers a 40 Hz to 20 Hz low-end pickup range that is really great. Moreover, the removable wire of this mic makes it an even more attractive choice. In addition, it features a 2-stage high-pass filter at 75Hz or 150Hz. Therefore, it is a versatile and balanced mic that you might trust for a great sound experience. 

3. RODE VideoMicro 

This compact DSLR microphone featuring an all-metal frame is a great entry-level microphone. In fact, RODE has always paid great attention to the particular details in their mics. This very fact is clearly noticeable in this mic. It is highly portable. Thanks to its length of only 8 cm. In addition, it offers a 3.5 mm connecting jack, along with a grill in the front. 

The length of the mic also suggests that it will weigh less. In fact, it has a mere 42 grams of weight. The capturing ability of this mic is such that it will pick up even the slighe=test of sounds. Thus, you may definitely go for this mic for your DSLR camera.

Comica CVM-V30 LITE
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4. Comica CVM-V30 LITE

If you are looking for a good  DSLR camera microphone, then this is the perfect option for you on an affordable budget. The developers have developed this all-plastic mic in such a way that it weighs only 52 grams, making it highly portable. What makes it even more attractive is that it works equally great with a mobile phone. Moreover, the sound quality that it provides is the best in its range. Therefore, this versatile mic is a great pick for you.

5. Sennheiser Professional MKE 400

This is yet another versatile mic that will work both on cameras and mobile phones. This microphone for DSLR camera, has a greatly directional recording capacity, thereby excluding sounds from its rear or sides. It also has a low-cut filter that makes the sound even more whole-bodied and clear. 

Concluding Lines

These are some of the best DSLR microphones on the market. However, there are many others that are worth buying. Be sure to check these microphones for your DSLR camera.

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