How to Have Fun and Reconnect with Your Teen

How to Have Fun and Reconnect with Your Teen

Although you may not have realized or even seen it coming, it is likely there will be a time when your teen pulls away from you, and it will feel like there is no connection between you whatsoever. This is perfectly normal and expectable when everyone is leading such busy and stressful lives. However, both you and your teen will benefit from getting that connection back, and there are various ways of doing this.

#1 Have a movie night

It may be that you always used to have a movie night, curled up together in front of the TV with your popcorn and other delicious snacks, but due to time constraints, this pastime has fizzled out to sometime never. 

Making special dates to go out together to the movie theatre could bring all this back, especially if there is also the promise of either a meal or takeout afterward or a variety of snacks and foods promised at the movies. Once this has become an established treat, you may also be able to introduce some home movie viewing evenings as well for those times when there isn’t (in your and your teen’s opinion) anything on at the movies worth watching.

#2 Take them to a shooting range

If you find that your teen isn’t fond of going to the movies with their parents, you will need to look for other ways you can connect. Taking them to a shooting range to sample the excitement and the experience could have them seeing you in a new light while also encouraging a new family venture that could turn out to be a regular occurrence. 

Although some shooting ranges hire out their BB Guns to customers, you will have to book in advance. To save disappointment, and if it is to become a regular gig, you may want to look to purchase your own BB Gun Pistols. Online stores such as BBGuns4Less have an array of different types of BB Guns (rifles and pistols) as well as a wealth of knowledge that can be taken advantage of if you are unsure of what BB Gun you need or what safety gear you require.

#3 Bond over board games

If you have a younger teen, you may want to try and bond over a few board games. This may be at first a hard sell, but after the first games evening, you will find that it becomes a strong hit, especially if your teen finds they have a talent for winning or knocking either Mom or Dad out of the game. 

This, of course, can be great fun for everyone, especially if you choose to teach your teen some of the board games from your youth. However, it is best to start with the not-so-complicated games before tackling games such as Monopoly, regardless of what form you have of the game. 

As you will not want to break up any enjoyment, and your teen probably won’t want to leave the board while the game is in play, you can also make this evening a takeout evening. This means that food will be able to be served as soon as it arrives rather than have a member of the household constantly running in and out of the kitchen to check on how the food is cooking.

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