Smart Packing Tips for Students on Accommodation Scholarships

Students on Accommodation Scholarships
The journey towards higher education is always an eventful one. There’s a lot of anticipation and eagerness. New students don’t know what to expect in their new school. There will be lots of new things to learn, and many different people to meet. Then, there’ll be your luggage to pack—and a whole lot at that! We know that the times of the year have been unprecedented. You could be on the look-out for student accommodation scholarships to ease your rent burden. Or, you might have found one for the next school year, but unclear what to pack. When putting your luggage together, clarify your priorities, and start early to ensure organization. Sometimes, the dilemma of what to pack for student accommodation does not only apply to new students. Even returning students planning to move into a new area are sometimes overwhelmed. Whether you’re a fresh or returning student, we’ve got crucial packing tips for you here.

Books and Stationery

After getting that desired student accommodation scholarship opportunity, your books and stationery should get your attention next. Remember to take along your primary texts and notes for classes. You shouldn’t be stranded because of some technical fault with devices a few days to a test. Notepads and journals for jotting could also make your list. Then, you sure can’t do without the pen rack and other necessary stationery needed for your specific work.


Add a few toiletries crucial to your journey to your luggage pack. You could quickly obtain the rest in your new student accommodation. In case you use certain medications, you’ll need to get them along. You might also want to pick your favorite items (such as homemade cream, etc.) that aren’t everywhere.

Handy Document File

It could be easy to remember other things, but just a tiny detail when packing. Get yourself a handy document file to house your essential documents. Ensure to put your important documents separately in your backpack for easy access. You’ll need to keep your receipts and identification documents close to you for identification and enrollment purposes.

Useful Tech Devices

The student rent scholarship will surely ease your financial constraints, giving you room to buy other things. Do well to get a laptop bag for your devices to carry out regular research and assignments. Ensure to pick the necessary adapters and chargers for your devices. Thanks to student accommodation scholarship opportunities, you could use spare funds to replace damaged necessary gadgets.


Beddings are some of the essential items to get along with you to your new student accommodation. You’ll need bedsheets and pillows once you move into your new place. You may not have duvets and linens already in your new apartments. Make sure the needed beddings are in place.


Regardless of all else, you ought to keep clothing in mind, here. Student rent scholarships, like the UQ accommodation scholarship in Australia, attract students from different countries. It would help if you kept the seasons of your new location in mind. Go along with sweatshirts and raincoats, as your peculiar situation applies.

Kitchen Supplies

Remember to take along necessary kitchen supplies, such as pans and pots, before making your journey. The kitchen supplies would help in making your meals upon arrival. You might, however, want to hold getting your supplies till you’re at the new accommodation. Doing so would mean that you might have to eat out for the first few days.

Some Cash in Hand

While you might not need to go along with much toiletries or groceries, you’ll need them later. Take some money for groceries and toiletries upon arrival. You’ll need cash in hand to purchase a few items for your personal use, en-route to your destination.Generally, you need to ensure that your luggage is as compact as possible to avoid extra carriage costs. You can purchase luxury items and pieces of jewelry in your new environment.