What Is Selective Call Forwarding iPhone Is All About? Check Out How You Can Set It Up

Selective Call Forwarding iPhone

Did you know that you can set up selective call forwarding iPhone to make sure that the calls from the iPhone can divert to landline or another phone? Well, this is a really nice feature because now you can take the call from whatever device you want.

In other words, let’s say you are not able to take the call on your iPhone device. So, you can set up the selective call forwarding iPhone feature. This will divert all the calls from iPhone to any other device like a landline or even another phone.

So, in this article, we will provide you with more details of this feature and how you can easily set it up.

Conditioning or Selective Call Forwarding iPhone Device

This selective or conditional forwarding is a type of carrier feature that can automatically transfer calls to another mobile number based on a few conditions. In general, we can say that most of the service providers allow you to forward calls from one number to another. It can forward calls when your phone line is busy, unreachable, or even when it’s left unanswered.

So, what’s the fun part of this feature you may ask? Well, selective call forwarding iPhone is a bit different. Unlike the regular call forwarding feature that only diverts all the incoming calls to another mobile number, this one requires you to use call forwarding codes. There’s one thing though, that, the codes can vary from carrier to carrier.

Therefore, you need to make sure and find Conditional or selective call forwarding codes that your carrier supports. So, only after that, you can incorporate them. To make you understand even better, let’s provide you with a few steps.

Forwarding Calls When You Don’t Answer On iPhone

If you enable this feature then you can forward calls to an alternative phone number. Whenever you are busy on the line or choose not to take a call, the incoming income will divert to another phone number. So, if you want to do it, here are the steps to make it work.

  • First of all, you need to open the Phone App from your iPhone. Thereafter, you need to tap on the Keypad tab which is in the bottom menu.
  • Next, you need to dial *61*your phone number# and then tap on the Dial button for the next step.
  • So, now, you need to wait for a bit, and then the feature will enable. In fact, you will also see a confirmation reading like ‘Forwarding when unanswered Activated’.

If you do this, then the calls to your iPhone will automatically divert or forward to another phone number or an alt phone number. This will work if you can’t take the call for some reason, or if you are already in another call.

Now, to deactivate this service, all you have to do is to Dial *61# and tap on the Call bottom. You will receive a confirmation about the deactivation of the service.

Forwarding When Unreachable

Selective call forwarding iPhone also allows you to divert the incoming calls if the iPhone number is unreachable.

  • Open the Phone app and tap on the Keypad option.
  • Next, dial *62* your number# and dial.
  • You will see a confirmation. In case you wish to deactivate, then just dial #62#.

With this, you will see calls diverting to another phone number that you have selected. Whenever your phone line is unreachable due to a poor network, this feature will trigger.

Forwarding When The Line Is Busy

Let’s say you are talking to someone, with this feature the calls will divert to another mobile number.

  • Open the Phone app and go to Keyword and dial *67* phone number#.
  • Wait for the activation and if you wish to deactivate later, just dial #67#. You will get a confirmation message.

This is how you make use of the selective call forwarding iPhone feature easily.

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