Types of Scaffold Towers

Types of Scaffold Towers

When working with scaffolding, you will be need to be able to reach a variety of heights and surfaces. In order to do that, you will need to utilize different types of scaffold towers. Not only do they help reach different heights, but they also have different load capacities and stability depending on the job. 

But with so many options, how do you choose the right scaffold tower for your project? For example, all the options that can be found at Lakeside Hire. Well not to worry, we’ll break down the options for you. We’ll start with the most common type of scaffold tower, the mobile tower. 

Types of Scaffold Towers You Can Hire or Buy

The following are different types of scaffold towers you can utilize for your project: 

Suspension towers: 

The tallest type, designed for high-rise construction projects. They are suspended from the building’s structure using cables or ropes. Suspended scaffold towers involve suspending the platform from an overhead structure or building, typically using ropes or cables.

Mobile Towers:

MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) are a great option for outdoor, uneven surfaces as they have wheels that allow for easy transportation and adjustment. They come in a variety of heights and load capacities. They come in a variety of configurations including single width, double width, and staircase access.

  • Single Width Towers: 

These towers have one platform level and are typically used for basic tasks that do not require a lot of height or weight capacity.

  • Double Width Towers: 

These scaffold towers have two platform levels, allowing for more space and an increased weight capacity. These are often used for larger projects that require more people, equipment or materials to be on the platform at one time.

Suspended Scaffolding

Is normally used for window cleaning or when working on the exterior of a building. They are suspended by ropes or other support systems and often require special training in order to use safely. Hanging towers are attached to the sides of buildings using brackets or clamps and can reach difficult areas such as window cleaning or facade maintenance.

Rolling Scaffold Towers:

These have wheels or casters, allowing them to easily be moved around a worksite. They come in a variety of heights and load capacities and are often used for indoor projects.

Fixed Scaffold Towers: 

They offer stability and strength, making them a great option for heavy loads and indoor work. They can be adjusted to fit the height and width needed for your project.

Cantilever Towers: 

These towers have one side that extends outwards, allowing for work on uneven surfaces or overhangs. They come in a variety of heights and weight capacities. They have a large load capacity and can be used for wide spans without needing support from the ground.


Choosing the right type of scaffold tower for your project is crucial for safety and efficiency in completing the job at hand. It is important to consult with experienced professionals and no matter what type of scaffold tower you choose, always make sure it meets industry standards and that you have the proper training and safety equipment before starting your project. Stay safe and happy building!

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