Things to Know Before Motor Vehicle Inspection

Motor Vehicle Inspection

The rapid increase in car sales within the last two months of 2022 has made the automobile sector and car manufacturers happy. Of course, this steady growth in selling cars will let car brands manage the supply and demand chain well. However, there is still a significant difference between domestic sales and exports of Indian 4-wheelers.

If you already have a car, then obviously, maintenance is all that it needs within time. Vehicle Inspection Service is something that is a must no matter if you have a 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler. Maintaining automobiles for a better life and performances with great functionality is crucial.

The development of platforms like Eco Inspection is also reliable to inspect automobile within minutes. If you are heading with plans to sell your vehicle, then, of course, the inspection must be a process. What kind of inspection does your vehicle needs? Read to know more about it.

The Things You Need To Know Before Vehicle Inspection:

Motor Vehicle Inspection is required if you have advertised for automobile sale. Yeah! Selling through the dealer or online even directly needs to follow some norms. So take inspection seriously; before it starts, make sure of certain things as follows;

  1. Check Vehicle Lights: You should check if the car or bike lights are working properly. Check for headlights, taillights, brake lights and indicators, doing well in performance. If needed repair or replacement, do that. Hey! Don’t miss to check on high beams either. This is simple, if you find issues, fix them yourself or take them to service. Manual instructions are well enough for self-help in this.
  2. Oil Change And Tune-Up: Check for emissions of your vehicle. It will make your automobile perform well and fuel economy for years. Change the oils in the car or bike, such as engine oil, gear oils, greases, and other fluids.
  3. Check Insurance And Registration: Now, here comes the importance of vehicle insurance. Yes! You won’t get Vehicle Inspection proof with it. So be sure your insurance card or details are current when your automobile is inspected. Be sure of the vehicle registration, and it’s mandatory too.
  4. Windshield And Other Small Repairs: Fix your vehicle before the inspection to get it done easily. If it’s a car, check for the windshield, seat belts, lights, brakes etc. For 2-wheelers, it good is to check for brakes and lights within overall performance. If not fixed, then do easy repairs. Else, take your automobile to an authentic and licensed service centre. Inspection can also be done with steering and alignment, so care for them too
  5. Quality of Tires: Of course, your vehicle can be inspected with flat tyres or in poor condition. Check for tire quality from edges, steel belt areas, etc. Poorly maintained vehicles with poor tyres will never be called a vehicle well in condition whenever inspected. It is common and can be a shame to get failed in Vehicle Inspection because of lousy tire maintenance.
  6. Overall Features And Performance Of Vehicle: Motor Vehicle Inspection is done with an overall check on the features and performance of the automobile. Thus make sure everything works properly and maintains well. Be sure that ball joints, shock absorbers, steering, and other components work efficiently. Don’t miss cleaning, polishing and washing the vehicle. It will give a new look and let an impression on how much care you take for vehicle maintenance.

The Bottom Line:

The importance of Vehicle Inspection is must within certain situations such as after the policy year’s completion, upgrading of the policy period and selling the vehicle. The scenario might be personalized, but maintenance of an automobile is even good for the proper functionality of features and performance. The automobile inspection process is done within multiple cases by the experienced and authorized motor inspector. For those looking to streamline and digitize the inspection process, platforms like Autoflow offer comprehensive digital vehicle inspections, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy. It includes exterior and an interior inspection of a car or bike with a check on its overall performance.