How Mobile Apps are Making Strong Footprints in Entertainment Industry

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Tracking the Trends

When social media wasn’t around, tracking the trends was quite difficult. But ever since social media got a grip on society, there is a new trend every day. Multiple social media applications have one complete section dedicated to the most trending topics on the application.

When it comes to the latest movies, games, music and series, entertainment apps keep them on the top or trending section of the app so that users can learn what’s liked by the majority.

Entertainment is no more limited to time lots and closed doors. It is now available anywhere, anytime and for anyone. Entertainment app development companies are working progressively to improve the user experience by optimising the applications.

Spreading and Gathering Information

Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have become a great source of authentic and detailed information. From the latest news to life hacks, everything is available on these applications.

Entertainment app development is done keeping in mind that the users can exchange every form of media and information on the platform that is authentic and useful.
Youtube is another platform for sharing information through creative videos. There are multiple Youtube based news channels, travel vlogs and classes for the audience.

A Complete Platform

Entertainment applications are capable of forming a whole new platform for movies, music, gaming, live streaming, etc. This opportunity has given rise to many artists to showcase their talent and create a follower base.

Earlier making videos, music or developing games was only done by professionals because they had access to platforms that launched these products but now application development is not as complicated as it used to be. Many platforms even pay the real talents for the influencing work they do.

There are few apps that include more than one feature such as audio and video, which lets the users switch between multiple options. Combining more than one feature is an excellent way by which users can benefit from the most.


Brand promotions through applications are quite effective. A lot of brands get a mobile app developed which has an unbelievably profitable impact on the business.

In a survey, it was found that 90% of mobile users spend their time on the mobile application because of its get-at-able. Entertainment app development company like Appinventiv has successfully launched applications for brands to help them grow their business and has been successful every time.

Lately seen, many big brands have launched their own application to let consumers buy directly from them. One report from such brands has shown a 45% increase in sales. The mobile app development cost for brand promotions, hence, has proved to be worth it.

Content Flow

Entertainment applications have allowed easy flow of content throughout the globe. Any creator can put their content on these applications and receive attention from audiences from all over the world.

One such example is Quora. An app that allows you to answer multiple questions as well as ask questions yourself. Another application is Wattpad which has given a platform to writers so that they can publish their books, journals or short stories.

Other entertainment applications have allowed free flow of content such as articles, blogs, videos, etc. Reading interesting content on the go is a facility that mobile applications provide and the users’ demand.

Gaming and Music

Gaming is the most popular section in the entertainment industry. Not only has mobile applications made it possible for players to carry their games in their pockets but also has enabled real time multiplayer options so that gamers can play together from all over the world.

This feature connects many players around the world via the internet and even has a feature like chatting and voice call. This is how mobile applications are reinventing gaming experience.

Music was only limited to cassettes, radios and websites but not anymore. Applications like Spotify, Wynk, iTunes, etc. have given the opportunity to the audience to choose to listen to any music, anywhere and anytime. Some of these apps have free access to music as well.


Entertainment apps attract a huge audience because of its interesting features, type of content and curiosity in each other’s life. The most followed people on applications are celebrities since they have a huge fan base.

Mobile applications give fans a chance to interact with their idols and also keep a track of what’s going on in their life. This also helps businesses interact with their customers and attend to their needs and demands.

Engagement is the most important feature of entertainment mobile applications. Features like push notifications make it extremely easy for followers to engage with the people they follow.