Premature Grey Hair: Exploring The Causes

Premature Grey Hair

Grey hair is a very prominent issue for young people these days. As a matter of fact, we knew that our hair start to turn grey after the middle ages. Therefore, in that case, age became a decisive factor in turning our hair grey. However, things have started to move in a peculiar direction. Nowadays, we find that even younger people are having grey hair naturally. Moreover, this phenomenon is global and free of any gender boundaries. 

Therefore, this takes us to the search for the roots of this problem. If you look deeply then this problem might have several causes. That means, there might be several factors leading to grey hair in younger people. In fact, at times, grey hair might point to the fact that we need to reconsider our lifestyles. In some other cases, it might also tell about some underlying health issues. Therefore, if you wish to know more about the causes of prematurely grey hair, then this article is the perfect stop for you. 

The Probable Causes 

Here are some of the probable causes of premature grey hair. There might be some other causes as well. However, these are the most prominent ones. Therefore, have a look:

The Probable Causes 

  • Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the leading factors which will make your hair turn grey prematurely. In fact, it is the most frequently diagnosed cause. This factor has scientific evidence to support its validity. Science states that leading a very stressful life, with a lot of tension and anxiety increases the genetic density of the hair and thus, turns them grey. Moreover, a scientific study reveals that stress leads to the depletion of stem cells in the hair follicles of mice.

  • Pollution

Pollution is an alarming issue nowadays and has affected our health in a variety of negative manners. In fact, this is yet another leading factor for turning your hair grey at a young age. Free radicals produced by the pollutants and toxins damage the melanin pigment and thereby leading to rapid ageing of hair. 


  • Quality Of Water

Water is something which is as indispensable to us as breathing. We use water daily either to drink or to wash. Now, if the water we use is polluted, or if it contains high levels of iron or chlorine, then that might damage our hair and turn them grey even at a younger age.

  • Lack Of Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is the nutrient which is responsible for maintaining the health and black colour of our hair. This is the vitamin which makes hair grow in young people. However, if your body fails to absorb enough vitamins, that will lead to a deficit of this essential vitamin. This will ultimately lead to your hair turning grey. Moreover, let me inform you that healthy red blood cells also need B-12. If your body lacks this essential vitamin, then that would weaken the hair cells and melanin production will also be hampered. 

Lack Of Vitamin B-12

  • Smoking

Recent research has proven that people who smoke might see a greater chance of seeing their hair turn grey at younger ages. Smoking restricts the blood vessels, thereby minimising the flow of blood to the hair cells. Therefore, your hair will turn grey. Moreover, cigarettes contain toxins, which will aggravate the ageing of your hair greatly. 

  • Medical Causes

Pigmentation of your hair might occur due to medical conditions like hormonal changes. Hormonal changes alter hair density, colour and texture. Therefore, if your hair starts turning grey, it might point to a hormonal change in your body. 

  • Genetic Issues

If you find that your parents and other family members have grey hair at an early age, then that is a genetic issue. This also suggests that the same thing might happen to you. 


1. Why does hair turn grey at a young age?

Hair might turn grey at an early age due to a number of reasons. Read the article to know about them in detail. 

2. How can you prevent grey hair?

You can protect your hair from turning grey by altering your lifestyle, taking less stress, living in a less polluted area, using fewer chemicals and quitting smoking. However, if the problem is a genetic one for you, then there is nothing you can do to prevent that. 

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