Do You Know Michelle Mangan? Johnny Damon & His Wife Has Been Arrested: Learn More

Michelle Mangan

Michelle Mangan is one of the most famous American businesswomen and entrepreneurs, a philanthropist, and also a former reality tv star. Moreover, she has appeared on reality shows like Below Deck. In addition, fans know her as the wife of Johnny Damon, the former MLB player. 

From a very early age, she had an interest in the business. Therefore she established a career as a businesswoman and became a real estate agent at the age of 19. In addition, she also has a company J & M investments that she and her husband started.

Recently there was news that the police have arrested both Michelle Mangan and her husband Johnny Damon. So, what’s the whole incident is all about? well, if you wish to know then we have some riveting details for you. 

Michelle’s Early Life

In order to know about Michelle Mangan’s life, we have to start with her initial phase of life. So, she was born in the year 1971 on 15th May in Missouri. Therefore we can say that she is 50 years old as of 2021. As for her parents, we don’t have any information because she hasn’t shared it. She has a brother whose name is Shane Mangan. 


So, as we said earlier, she is a real estate agent from a very young age. In fact after her marriage to her husband she started a company J & M Investments that has garnered her a lot of profit. Besides that, she is also a philanthropist and has contributed a lot to the cause of benefit for people. 

Her Marriage To Johnny Damon 

So, as we said earlier, fans know her as the wife of former MLB baseball player Johnny Damon. The duo tied knots in the year 2004 in Florida. Therefore the duo are married for 17 years now as of 2021. 

On this note, it’s worth sharing that Damon tied knots with his high school lover Angela Vannice in the year 1992. In fact, they also share twins together, Jackson & Madelyn. However, the duo had to separate because of differences in opinion in the year 2002. 

Michelle Mangan, therefore, is the stepmother of two and has six children. Five of them are daughters and one son. 

A Controversy: Their Arrest

In this year’s month of February, the police arrested Damon in Florida for driving under the influence of Alcohol. In fact, he was under the influence of blood alcohol which was four times the legal limit. He had a limit of .30 which was around close to the limit of 0.8. 

In addition, the police also arrested Michelle because she remained uncooperative and even tackled an officer. There was even footage that confirmed the whole thing. It showed that Damon scuffled with the police during the arrest and told ‘Black Lives Matter’.  Moreover, the sobriety test also confirmed that the duo didn’t fully cooperate with the officers.  Michelle even said, “Don’t touch me. Don’t f**king touch me.”

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