How VPN Market Will Reap $36 Billion by 2023

Best VPN Market

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a necessary tool that many internet users use to stay anonymous and enjoy entertainment by bypassing any restriction whatsoever. VPN usage has been skyrocketed, and this trend is not to show a decline in the coming years.

As Per Stats

According to Statista, the VPN market was worth $15.64 billion in 2016; this number grew to $20.6 billion in 2018 and is set to reach new highs at $36 billion in 2022.

The VPN industry is now facing new challenges as the industry has grown in competition and new entrants have stepped in this domain. This has led to higher cost of advertisements and factors such as brand recognition which have affected conversion rates.
One important change is that affiliate marketers are growing in numbers that are now operating with commission based structures.

The introduction of cost per acquisition (CPA) which means that the advertiser will pay only if the affiliate makes a sale. The average cost of a CPA has risen to 2000% only in two years. It was $2 in 2016 and was reported to be $40 in 2018.

As per the competition, this field is now crowded, no matter what the consumer seeks, be it Fastest VPN, Android VPN, iOS VPN or Best VPN, today VPN reviewers are leveling up their game in this ever competitive market.

The Competition

It is wiser to say that the vpn market is expanding, but VPN companies are now fighting to get a small price from the chunk of the pie.

Since the CPA model is now being followed throughout the market, this is one of the many reasons that the new entrants find it hard to survive in this market.
In mid-2016, advertisers found it hard to compete; it was due to a new entrant coming in the market which was throwing dollars like nothing. TotalVPN a name we all won’t forget at least till near future entered the market with a boom. It reshaped the VPN market with its huge investments in PPC campaign. The provider was so well funded that it pushed the boundaries of online advertising to its roof.

This behavior of TotalVPN affected both new and existing VPN providers. The existing/old VPN providers were taken off guard while the new ones couldn’t afford PPC.

With all this said, let’s see if this increasing competition is driving conversions?

Conversion Rates and Affiliates

In simple words, the conversion rate is the number of people visiting your website and completing your goal which is to purchase a product or drive sales. Higher conversion rates mean that marketing is driving your website in the same direction to your visitors.
However, such conversion largely depends on website ranking on Google. Thus, affiliate marketers are found competing on search engine rankings.

A lot of people are still are not aware of the VPN concept, and many still don’t trust it. However, studies have shown that this VPN industry will never see a downfall. The credit to such numbers also goes to regulators such as GDPR; they are injecting new air to the VPN arena and forcing companies to fulfill the minimum security for their customers.


People around the globe now realize that protecting personal data is inevitable. VPN is quickly becoming a need of time and a standard to stay protected online. Since ISPs and Governments are getting increasingly hungry for surveillance and finding creepier ways to monitor people. The future of the VPN industry is bright; however, affiliates should make sure that they market smart and imply effective strategies to maximize their profits.

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