Switzerland As the Most Sought Honeymoon Getaway for Couples


Switzerland! The quintessential romantic destination given that ages past & those to come, making us sigh thinking of its continuous snow-clad mountains and also the blue-green glacial lakes; the magnificent architecture towns and its attractive railroad scenes; it’s no less than a dreamland. Switzerland is a fun place to visit year-round, famous for its snow-capped mountains, amazing skiing & summer adventures.

Switzerland is the place where our very own Raj fell in love with Simran (in Bollywood Movie), moving a million hearts to wish for a similar love story starting in Switzerland.

Switzerland is one of the top choices for newlywed couples because of the various beautiful places as well as enjoyable activities available there. Here are the top honeymoon places in Switzerland.

  1. Montreux


Nestled on the shores of the picturesque Lake Geneva is the resort town of Montreux. It has whatever honeymooners expect for their charming getaway: a beautiful promenade full of blossoms as well as sculptures, a light environment best for an enchanting walk, and Middle Ages castles straight out of a fairy tale.

Top Things to Do In Montreux:

  • Take the Golden Pass Train and enjoy lovely breathtaking views
  • Have a romantic walk across the promenade
  • Wander with the beautiful Lavaux vineyards
  1. Interlaken


One of the best honeymoon places for Switzerland tour. Set amidst the magnificent Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, as well as in the heart of the famous Jungfrau Region, Interlaken is the place to be if you want to experience the very best of nature. Never forget, this place also lets you experience some adventure topped with romance. This is one of the most popular places in Switzerland for romantic honeymoon.

Romantic Things To Do in Interlaken

  • Delight in paragliding
  • Check out the beautiful Schynige Platte in a mesmerizing train ride.
  • Enjoy the scenic beauty from Harder Kulm lookout.
  1. Lucerne


It is one of the best cities in Switzerland for honeymoon. Environed with a fairy tale aura and a classic feeling, this is your getaway to central Switzerland. The colorful medieval architecture and beautiful fountains are among the many charming destinations here. And so, there is no question that it is among the very best places in Switzerland tour for honeymoon! Pack your bags and also see this top honeymoon places in Switzerland as quickly as you can.

Romantic Things to Do:

  • Take a romantic boat ride in Lake Lucerne
  • Explore Mt. Rigi
  • Do not miss going to Jungfrau
  1. Engelberg


House to the famous cheese factory, Engelberg gives a unique experience to every honeymooner. This Alpine village is a combination of spectacular landscapes, cheese as well as chocolates, ski slopes as well as the warm hospitality. Formed around an ancient monastery with a mesmerizing backdrop, Engelberg will teleport you to the medieval times.

  1. Bern


Bern, the capital of Switzerland holds its historical charm even today. The marvelous Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as there is a medieval spark in the air. You can walk with your partner and also witness the galleries going back to the 15th century. One fascinating feature about Bern is River Aare. The water is incredibly clean and also clear. If you feel the urge to swim in the river, there are various spots where you can do so. This is the favourite activity of the locals and they are constantly ready to aid the beginner to take a plunge.

Romantic Things to do in Bern

  • A evening on the Gurten
  • Sunset in the Rose Garden
  • Cuddling with Alpacas
  1. Geneva


Geneva happens to be quite populous yet it is one of the best places that you would really feel to life being in. It is a truly awesome honeymoon destination to visit. There are some beautiful sights that one can delight in while being in Geneva is one of the most effective Switzerland honeymoon destinations. You will surely be enchanted by the activities that one can have while being in Geneva.

Romantic Things To Do in Geneva

  • Enjoy the captivating view from the top of Saleve Mountain
  • Spend a charming eve near the Jet d’eau Fountain
  • Take a boat to the famous Chillon Castle
  1. The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls

The largest waterfalls in all of Europe traversing a course of 150m are the Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen. The site can is available from 2 train stations on both the north and south of the river. The best time to view the falls in all its magnificent glory is during June and July when the snow from the mountains melts and also swells the river.

  1. Basel


Located in the northern part of Switzerland, Basel is situated on the bank of river Rhine. The city is well-known amongst art lovers. For its various panoramas and also picturesque landscapes, it makes a perfect destination for honeymooners. There is more is Basel, however that you will only familiarize as soon as you come here. So be here and also locate what you were missing in all these years.

Romantic Things To Do in Basel

  • With over 40 museums to visit, take a romantic walk through at least one museum
  • Wander in the old town
  • Enjoy the Rhine
  • Stay in Basel in style
  1. Ticino


If you want to be at 2 places at the same time, after that head to the Italian-speaking region of Ticino. Here, couples live the best Italian culture (including of fantastic cuisine) which trademark nature panorama that Switzerland is known for. It’s a pretty surreal sensation to see palm-lined streets and stretches of beach sharing a sight with Alpine peaks; but Ticino is a remarkable destination for the romantic and adventures.

Romantic Things To Do in Ticino

  • Visit the Castles of Bellinzona
  • Obtain fascinated in the Verzasca Valley
  • Sit on top of Monte Bre admitting love for each other
  1. Davos


Located in the Landwasser valley, Davos is renowned for its large assortment of winter sports. You can go with a skiing trip, a sledge trip or a skating spree on its various snow-covered slopes and also tracks.

Romantic Points To Do in Davos

  • Go for skiing at Parsenn
  • Visit Lake Davos
  • Enjoy paragliding

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