Who is Randy Moss’s wife Lydia Griffith Moss?

Lydia Griffith Moss

To start with, Lydia Moss is the second wife of the popular football player, Randy Moss. In 2015, the couple shared the wedding vows. Randy Moss is the former NFL player who is working as an ESPN analyst. Randy Moss inspired and thanked his wife for being a caring mother to his children at one of his ceremonies.

Read through the article to get more information about Lydia Griffith Moss. Find the answers to different unknown questions in this article.

Who is Randy Moss’s Wife? What about Lydia Griffith Moss’s Family Background? What is her net worth?

Summary of Lydia Griffith Moss

As already said, Lydia Moss is currently in a relationship with Randy Moss. She is the second wife of Randy Moss. Libby Offutt is the first wife of Randy Moss. Randy Moss divorced Libby and married Lydia in 2015.

Randy Moss is popular in the media industry. The details of Randy’s wife, Lydia Griffith Moss are not available much on the internet. Read the latter part of the article to get more information about Randy Moss Wife’s personal life.

About Lydia Griffith Moss


  • The Early Life of Lydia Griffith Moss


There is little information available about Lydia Moss. The lady maintains some distance from the media. She didn’t like to share her personal details with the media.

There is no information regarding her parents available on the net. All information like her parents and siblings is under review.


  • Personal Life of Lydia Griffith Moss


Lydia Moss is enjoying his married life with Randy Moss. He was in a relationship with Libby Offutt. Lydia and Randy are not attending any public events together. In one of the events, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Speech Randy thanked Lydia. He was thanking Lydia for caring for his children with love and support.

Lydia may accompany the former football player in a few events. She didn’t attend most of the interviews. 

Randy had five children totally. He has children from his previous relationship too. Their children are Thaddeus, Lexi Adkins, Senali, Sydney, and Montigo. Thaddeus is the first child of Randy Moss. He follows his father’s footsteps of playing football at LSU.

His daughter, Senali Moss is a YouTuber. She was working as an assistant coach for the girl’s basketball team at St. Albans High School. She was working as a new assistant coach at Charleston University. One more daughter, Sydney Moss is a coach. 

What happens to Lydia’s Husband after the first divorce?

Lydia’s husband, Randy Moss was in a relationship with Libby. The couple was not happy with the married life. The former couple decided to separate their ways in 1996. The couple met with problems that led to the arrest of both of them.

In December 2016, the couple caught up in social media with some disagreements. Randy tweeted that Libby is not ready to take treatment for drug addiction. Libby spent $4 million on drugs. On knowing this, Randy wants to prevent Libby from seeing her kids.

Libby couldn’t meet her children at Christmas too. Randy didn’t allow her Christmas gifts to reach the children. In January 2017, Libby stated that she didn’t spend $4 million on drugs. She said in one of the interviews with American celebrity news.

What about Lydia’s Net Worth?

Lydia is not working in any profession. Her husband, Randy Moss is a former football player in America. The net worth of the couple is around $62 million. Randy Moss is the primary contributor in saving the net worth. He earns $6.5 million per month as a salary.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, Lydia Moss is a great wife for Randy Moss. She cares for her step-children as her own. 

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