Marilyn Monroe: A Few Facts About Her Death, Movies, & Facts

Marilyn Monroe
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The name Marilyn Monroe is enough to bring images of a divine diva into the mind of many. In fact, she had been the global crush of many men during her days. She is so famous a personality that no introduction is necessary. However, there might still be some who would not know her. Therefore, let me inform you that Marilyn was an actress from America, who was famous for the comedic ‘blonde bombshell’ characters that she played on screen. Due to her sensual appeal, she became the sex symbol of the 1950s and the early 1960s. 

Marilyn Monroe

Monroe was also at the centre of various controversies in her life besides being a famous entertainer. Her bold avatar had made men go crazy after her. She has acted in many successful projects. In fact, the dress worn by her has become famous. However, her private life was not very bright. She struggled with mood disorders and addiction. In addition, she also got into relationships with several famous celebrities like Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio and others. But the relationship ended in divorce. Moreover, her death at the age of 36 years is also shrouded in mystery and is a probable case of suicide. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this famous celebrity, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know about various interesting facts about Monroe. 

A Brief Bio

A Brief Bio
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Marilyn breathed her first on the 1st of June 1926. Her place of birth was Los Angeles, California. The identity of her father is not known for certain. However, she had a different birth name. It was Norma Jeane Mortenson. She spent most of her childhood in an orphanage. In addition, she also spent some of her days in foster homes. It was at the mere age of 16 that she got married. 

Talking of her career, she once met a photographer from the First Motion Picture Unit and this meeting kick-started her career. In the beginning, she managed to get short-term contacts from 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures. After that, she managed to grab a few minor roles, till  1950. She re-signed her contract with Fox in the same year and this time, she became a blooming star with numerous comedy films to her name. In fact, she became intensely popular and famous. However, she also got herself in a scandal as she posed nude in from of the camera before she rose to fame. But this scandal gave her films a great boost and also earned her the cover page of the first issue of Playboy magazine.

Marilyn Monroe Nude

We already know that she posed nude in front of the camera, before attaining fame. In fact, she got involved in a controversy. However, this gave her career a positive boost as her nude photo earned a spot on the cover of the first issue of Playboy. In addition, many centrefolds also used her nudes. Therefore, now you know how she became the sex icon of her times. 

Marilyn Monroe Dress

The white dress of Monroe has been the most famous one for her. In a film named The Seven Year Itch, she wore this famous dress designed by William Travilla. Since then, it has become a star element of the legacy of Monroe. 

Marilyn Monroe Dress
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How Did Marilyn Monroe Die?

The sad incident happened on the 4th of August 1962, at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive. Her housekeeper was accompanying her during her stay there. At around 3 AM on 5th August  Eunice Murray, her housekeeper sensed something wrong. She called Monroe only to receive no response. Her bedroom was locked, So, being afraid she called Monroe’s psychiatrist. On his arrival, they broke into Monroe’s room to find her laying dead.

If you are looking to know the cause of Marilyn Monroe death, then let me inform you that the forensic report suggested that she died of acute barbiturate poisoning. The forensic experts found in her blood the presence of 8 mg% chloral hydrate and 4.5 mg% of pentobarbital. In addition, in her liver, there was 13 mg% of pentobarbital. Thus her death was ruled as a suicide. 


1. How did Marilyn Monroe die?

According to forensic reports, Monroe died of acute barbiturate poisoning.

2. How old was Marilyn Monroe when she died?

At the time of her death, Monroe was 36 years old.

3. When did Marilyn Monroe die?

The sad incident happened on the 4th of August 1962.

4. How tall was Marilyn Monroe?

Monroe stood at a height of 5’5”.

5. How old would Marilyn Monroe be today?

Today in 2022, Monroe would have been 96 years old.

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