Amanda Levy McKeehan 【TobyMac Wife】 – Bio-Wiki, Age & Facts

amanda levy mckeehan

To begin with, Amanda Levy McKeehan is the wife of a celebrity in the United States of America. Toby is a famous rapper in America. His work gained a lot of attention in the 1990s. Amanda McKeehan and Toby Mac are one of the best couples in the Hollywood industry. 

Read through the article to know more about Amanda McKeehan and Toby Mac. This article will include information on the personal and professional life of the couple. 

Who is Amanda Levy McKeehan? 

As mentioned-earlier, Amanda Levy is the wife of a celebrity. She was born on 9th January 1971 in Jamaica. Amanda is currently 49 years old. Coming January that is 2021, Amanda will be turning 50. Tough she is in her later forties, Amanda looks beautiful. Check out the latter part of the article for more information on the physical Appearance of Amanda. 

Coming to her parents, she was born to a lovely couple living in America. The names of her parents are Judy Levy and Robert Levy respectively. Even more, her father, Robert Levy, worked as a screenwriter. But, her mother, Judy Levy, is an actress. Both her parents, Robert and Judy, were working in America. 

However, apart from the names of her parents, there is no much information on her childhood. Information on her upbringing and the name of the siblings is not available. 

What is Amanda’s nationality? 

Amanda Levy McKeehan is an American by nationality. Also, her birth took place in the beautiful country of Jamaica. Further, as per her date of birth, she belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign. Lastly, Amanda’s ethnicity belongs to mix race. 

Who is Amanda Levy married to? 

As stated in the first paragraph of the article, Amanda is the wife of a rapper in America. The name of the rapper is Toby Mac. He is a famous rapper in the United States of America. TobyMac rose to fame after becoming part of a band. The name of the band was DC Talks. Further, Toby was part of the band along with Michael Tait and Kevin Max. 

Coming to the marriage of the couple, it took place in the year 1994. The marriage ceremony of Toby and Amanda was a beautiful one. Even more, friends and family of the couple were present for the ceremony. They have five children together. In the latter part of the article, we will discuss the names of the children and much more. 

How does Amanda Levy McKeehan look? 

Amanda Levy McKeehan is a beautiful woman with sharp features. Also, Amanda belongs to one of the richest families in Jamaica. As far as her features, she has dark brown eyes and a lovely smile. Finally, he has short and healthy brown hair. 

In addition to this, her height is 5 feet 4 inches, and weighs 55 kgs. In simple terms, Amanda looks stunning with a perfect physique. 

A note on the children of Amanda and Toby couple 

In the first place, Amanda and Toby’s marriage took place in the year 1994. They are together for 26 long years. The couples have five beautiful children together. The names of the children are Truett McKeehan, twins – Moses and Marlee McKeehan, Leo McKeehan, and lastly, Judah McKeehan. 

Their first child Truett McKeehan was born on 4th September 1998. The twins Moses and Marlee McKeehan were adopted in the year 2002. Leo McKeehan, the fourth child was born on 2nd November 2004. Finally, Judah McKeehan was born on 24th March 2006. 

The eldest son of the couple, Truett McKeehan, would be 22 years old. All children of Amanda are well-loved and cared for. 

Why did the couple Amanda and Toby adopt the twins? 

After the birth of the first son, Amanda and Toby tried for another child. But unfortunately, they were unable to conceive, even after trying hard. So, they made the decision of adopting a child. Through some type of source, they heard twins needed home. The couple was more than happy to adopt Mosses and Marlee.

Is Truett McKeehan still alive? 

A simple answer to this question is no. Truett McKeehan is no more. His death took place in the year 2019. The exact date of his death is 23rd October 2019. He was 21 years old at the time of his death. The exact reason for the death of Truett McKeehan is not available. 

The tragedy of losing a son was hard for Amanda as well as Toby. The entire McKeehan family mourned death for a long time. Even more, Toby wrote a tribute in the memory of Truett. 

Bottom Line: 

To sum it up, Amanda Levy McKeehan is the wife of a rapper in America. Toby McKeehan is a famous rapper in the USA. Their marriage took place in the year 1996 and they have five children together. However, their eldest son Truett McKeehan is no more.

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